Happy Friday…

I am so excited to announce this Dance and Desire Virtual Retreat… oh my, going to be so fun!


Join me and think of this as a spa day that goes deeper! Take some time for yourself and let’s talk about our lives, our bodies, our sexy!

Are you feeling good in your skin? Alive and vibrant? Doing what you desire in the world? Career? Purpose? Moving the way you want? This is what we are going to talk about, journal about, meditate about, and yes, even dance that body around a bit during our retreat time. We will meet on Zoom, super easy, so you will be in your own private space on your computer, as we chat together!

As we get older, this becomes a quieter subject and I want to talk about it! I want to keep moving and grooving and I am here to guide you with ideas and tools to keep your sexy on!  

By being strong and powerful and beautiful and living on purpose women! Right?

Join me for this fun virtual retreat…

Go here to read more and register!

Space is limited so I really would love you to register now!

Now friends…are you taking good care of yourself?

You are a divine goddess and it is your time now to take really good care, to allow in all the beautiful love and rest and beauty that you deserve, that is your right. Why is it so hard to spend this time being with ourselves, and giving ourselves this super deep down time, reflective time, and I mean more than just pampering, more than getting a facial or a pedicure or a massage…those are uber important too and I highly recommend those weekly 🙂

But taking time to just BE, to be quiet, alone, listening, to what is around us, and what is inside of us… to acknowledge how blessed and sacred we truly are, to know that we are enough as we are right now.

There is always more, room to grow, change, expand… but the down time opens you up, first to accept yourself and love yourself, deeper, and to be comfortable with yourself…

Then… you are open to receive… to make room for that growth, to really hear you, the inner you, ( have your turned her off?), who you truly are, what you truly want, what you really want to do and be and grow into, to continue to live with purpose and delight and feel great… right?

If you missed my Heart and Hustle Live this week, we talked about  this too… You can view it here…

 I wrote this the other day too… enjoy

Life short 6/26/18

I feel holy…

I feel whole, I feel holy

Listening in, tuning into my station, turning on my divine self

My divinity

My sacred feminine beauty

With the inner and outer badass, the rebel, the enchantress,

The sensual beauty, the quiet dancer,

The in-your-face-you’ve-got-this leader, the hungry listener,

The poetic guru

Truly taking the time to soften, to zone in, to unfold

Letting go of the self-imposed expectations,

the imprisoned body that must carry on — says who?

The physically imposed limitations that say stop now, fool…

You’ve really done it now, this time…

But not allowing that voice in, only listening to the gremlin,

Instead I’m bringing in the house of my holy, into myself, my beloved

Forever the audacious queen,

Continuing to step up, to leap big

Shedding scales of my skin

Busting up the bricks of that freakin wall

That I built so long ago

To reveal, the big reveal

The glory and the power and the purple mountains majesty

Of my creative juices flowing like a volcano

Ahhh. the vision clearing, burning away the old

And my stories being rewritten, I see the writing on my walls

Inner visions, by me, for me

Oh, that lovely and powerful force, the reconnection

It’s not accidental, this opening, the re-rendering of my exquisite self


Go here to register for the Dance and Desire Virtual Retreat!

Space is limited so I really would love you to register now!


What fun are you going to have today? Make it special and delightful… and see you soon!

With gratitude,





Some of you have been wanting to do some coaching with me, and have asked for a month-long laser-focused coaching package! Well, July brings that to you… woo hoo…

**and a price break if you sign up before July 1st!

And I what I want to offer to you…

Magical Laser-Focused Coaching!

Get clarity, you know what you are wanting,

so let’s MAP (Magic Action Plan) it out so you can take fast action,

make those changes,

follow your heart and step up into that life you desire!

Four weeks, four sessions with me!

** What this means is I have more choices to offer you when you want to work with me.

But first, if you are not familiar with how coaching works, or with me, let’s get you a free Magic Mojo Discovery Session to see if this is your time and to connect with me so we can be sure of a good fit for coaching! That’s a 20-30 minute phone call with me… here is the link! Get me on your calendar now!

And this September!

***For the second time this year, I am opening up


Dance and Desire, the Mastermind,

This is my twice yearly, 6-month group coaching mastermind sessions! Starting September 15th…

Wow… imagine being part of a gathering of powerful creative women who want more clarity and more tools. Plus more support and more community,

Illuminate your life!

This will start in September for a small intimate group, and enrollment begins July 15th. There will be a few questions for you to answer before you put your deposit down because I want to be sure this is for you and you are really ready to step up and do the work, and connect with the community as we grow and network and build your dreams– a new career or job, making more money, changing  your mindset, being in the body that you desire, finding more everyday happiness, and building the life you dream of!

To find out what all this entails, read here…

San Miguel De Allende!!! Mexico!! Dance and Desire Retreat for April 2019!

Didn’t I mention to you that we would go someplace exotic next year for our annual retreat?

Have you ever been to the exquisite, colorful and art-filled town in Mexico — San Miguel De Allende?

A few hours outside of Mexico City for a four day weekend, let’s gather with a small intimate group of creative women, to dive into our juicy lives, step into to our life’s work with more passion, discovering what more you can have and do with your juicy lives. Again, clarity is key! Time to envision…With daily writing, movement, dance, discussion, and personal coaching sessions, and exploration of this amazing town, full of art and inspiration. Plus always, relaxation, downtime, and rest!  And food! 

And if enough women are interested, add one more day for Tribal Grooves Teacher Training!

Lots more info to come…woo hoo…

make sure to sign up for my weekly musings in the quest by joining the email list! Love to have you join the global tribe!


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