Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers…

with your tribal hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis

with animal intuitive, guest Jennifer Garrepy, Episode #36

Happy July! wow… halfway through our year and how is it going, friends? I’m excited about lots of changes, seeing people stand up and shout, taking stands, becoming more compassionate and angry, and moving to make a difference in the world!

That’s why I get so delighted to be continuing this Heart and Hustle series, both through these interviews, and also my weekly FB Live every Tuesday…keeping the conversation going, highlighting fabulous folk who are bringing their magical services to the world to make change and open eyes and be of service!!! 

Today I bring you Jennifer Garrepy, an animal healer, empath, intuitive, and we talk energy healing, business hustles and desires, changes, and keeping up our work mojo, keeping creative and juiced up!

View our conversation here, below,  (or on YouTube, and you subscribe and  listen on iTunes or SoundCloud)

And Jennifer also has a free gift for you, here… woo hoo

Good stuff, right? Share our conversation with others who would enjoy these inspired chats!, and I would love you to leave your comments below…

Love that you are here with our growing global conversations, our tribes, our work in the world! Have an amazing week…





**More about Jennifer…

Jennifer Garrepy, HTACP
Thrive Energy Healing for Pets

Jennifer specializes in pet behavior and pet health. As one of fewer than 100 certified Healing Touch for Animals practitioners in the world, she is highly qualified to help your beloved animals. She also brings to the table 20 years of studying human behavior and coaching through her corporate HR career and is a Reiki Master.

People often call her “the pet therapist” because she approaches issues from a pet’s emotional and energetic perspective, telling them what their pet would say if they could talk. She offers her clients custom-tailored support that includes not only energy healing but animal behavioral and health coaching as well.

She is an expert in turning around frustrating behavioral situations, including, for example, dogs with separation anxiety, cats peeing outside the litter box, and pets fearful of people or other animals. The result? You can better enjoy life with your pet, and your pet is happier, too.

She also supports the physical healing process for pets with health challenges and without drugs or medications of any kind. Her work enables your pet to self-heal from the inside out, as all bodies are meant to do. It is excellent for cancer, injuries, illnesses, trauma, and faster recovery from surgery.

She has been featured in Reader’s Digest and makes it part of her mission to educate people about their pets through her Facebook Live offerings. She also encourages pet lovers to contact her to join her private Facebook Group, Pet Champions, so they can learn even more about how to keep their pets happy and healthy while they network with other pet lovers around the world.

In her practice, Jennifer most often sees dogs and cats, but she also enjoys working on horses, birds, and other creatures. Treatment sessions are available in-person in the Orange County area and as distance-healing sessions. You will find her to be warm, empathetic, and enthusiastic about her work.

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