I want to say big thanks to all you for your well wishes, healing blessings, hearts and hugs, first for me over the past few months of my debilitating back pain and healing care. Wow. It truly has meant a lot to me and I can/could feel all the love pouring through the ether waves (mostly through facebook)… It does take a certain amount of vulnerability to show someone, or many folks, that you are down, that you are hurting and to ask for help. At least it did for me, wonderwoman that I am! But allowing myself to be human was so big for me, to say, I can’t do something, or I need to take a break, or my body needs a rest, or whatever was up…and the fact that I did allow myself that, showing up as I was, acknowledging that I wasn’t wonderwoman, well, HUGE! Plus it allowed others to step up and assist, and give love back, and feel connected too. And because of that, I was able to heal faster, take better care of myself, take more downtime and really feel the love. Being able to receive that felt sooooo delicious. And just big thank you’s all around. And I  am feeling so much better now. Still not dancing full on, but working out and getting my physical strength back and that feels so good. I really hate being out of shape, and feeling the muscle loss and missing dance and teaching, but it’ll come back in the time it takes. And I accept and receive that too. I am where I am, right now, and I am being fully present and loving it. 

On Heart and Hustle (FB) Live this week I was asked to talk about the law of attraction.

What do you know about attraction, about this universal law?

I talk about this a lot, with my clients, on my talkshows… desire, attraction, being a magnet, drawing to you what you are wanting. Having focus and intention, moving forward from your heart with intention, when we walk, when we talk, when we dance, to be connected! When we are in alignment with our truest and deepest self, our inner being, our heart and soul, that is when everything is working out for us. And then we are in alignment with the universe, with source, with that big beautiful energy that surrounds us.

Think about what you are wanting, and how does that feel. How does it feel to have what you are asking for? How would it feel to have more of what you are truly wanting? Creating your life that you want, with clarity. Desire! Yes, you’ve heard it before, but so true and simple really. We are the creator of our own lives. We make it what we want. Asking for what you want, with definition, so you can expand into more of you, more of life, and feel really good…You want to live with fulfillment and satisfaction. With belief in yourself, that you have the desire, the clarity of attraction!

How do you get that? How do you get in alignment, and stay in alignment? With yourself and the universe? You’ve got to go back to the simple tenets of self-care and self-love and self-compassion. Take time for those things that bring you in connection with yourself, starting with meditation, quiet time for yourself to become still. How many of you meditate? (another major factor and a must that I use with my coaching clients)

Then you can really, truly hear your deepest desires, the signals from yourself. Bringing you into your own focus, with clarity, friends! Only you can state what you want, only you can define your life, or rewrite your life ( don’t forget to sign up for my webinar, the free virtual retreat this coming Monday!) to make the changes to your story, or add to it and build upon it, and attract to you what i s on your radar! Woohoo now that is living full on and big and full on, and with abundance, and full of passion and connection! Law of attraction baby! Living in beautiful alignment, living your dreams and your purpose, and feeling so good…that is so what I want for you…

If you missed it my Heart and Hustle Live this week, you can view it here



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