Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers…

with your tribal hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis

and guest, sound healer and angel speaker, Shantara Grace, Episode #39

Hey friends!
Meet Shantara Grace…
this deep and delightful woman, spiritually connected and creatively attuned to giving and sharing her gifts, as a healer, an artist, and a solopreneur…we had a super fun conversation, and so glad to have you all here!
She gives healing concerts with vibrational singing bowls and her voice, while the angels spread their healing love. Super creative and open-hearted, enjoy hearing about embracing the feminine principals of allowing, accepting, and receiving! Wow… loved having this enlightening chat… think you will too!

More about Shantara:

I have lived closely with Angels all my life. I am a born intuitive, empath and highly sensitive person. Growing up in a great deal of emotional pain, the Angels were the ones comforting and loving me through it all. For that reason, I was one of those rare children who never lost that deep connection. To this day, my inner life is strong and clear, no matter the outer circumstances. That connection is what I bring to Voice of the Angels Readings, Angelic Sound Healing sessions and concerts, and paintings.

I discovered Sound Healing twenty-five years ago through direct experiences connecting with the Angels and playing with sound out in nature. I am a Certified Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer and a Reiki Master. I use Tibetan bowls and instruments, quartz crystal bowls, and voice. I am also a life-long artist, having worked as a jewelry designer and fabricator, a potter, and now a painter of sound & energy.

All of this preparation has led me to offer Voice of the Angels Readings for people. This offering brings together everything I have learned, as I serve as a clear channel and translator for the Angels. It is the greatest honor to be in this role, something I’ve worked toward my entire life. Their grace, presence, wisdom, and accuracy are astounding.

Special offers good through August 2018:

Voice of the Angels Readings are offered at the discounted price of $100 through the end of August 2018. (a $150 value). You can book your session online at www.shantaragrace.com

Up to 50% off all paintings through the end of August 2018. You can view all the paintings at, www.shantaragrace.com. Please note the sizes when picking your favorites.

Hey friends, leave comments or questions… what do you think?

thanks for joining us today… have a blessed and magical week!

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