Illumination…the 14-day countdown!

Starting Saturday, August 25th, for 14 days, join me for an insight into what YOU can do, what happens, journaling prompts, more about my work, dreams and desires, movement, tidbits of juiciness.. all leading up to joining the 6-month mastermind Illumination!

Are you ready to live lit up? To light your soul on fire? To move that body with ease? To change your story? Starting Sept. 15th for 6 months… only for creative women who are ready to step up big and commit to themselves… it’s your time!

14 days of fun, art, music, movement… with me!

check this out…

Starting on FB Live, August 25th…8 am (PST), that ‘s in Portland, peeps… Aug 25-31. every morning, join me for something to rev you up, get answers, find out what coaching with me is like, and mostly WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

To read more about it:  go here…

can’t wait! see you Saturday morning,

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