What makes you shine?

Preparing for all the goodness!

Plans and projects for fall are underway for all things Paulette/Gypsy Caravan/ MMM Coaching and beyond… pushing into the new year, yes already! And then further into 2019… whoa…always planning ahead, and wanting to feed my people, expand our possibilities, and watch with love the growth and flow… Quickly I can share a few of our new ventures and opportunities that I am excited, about, because I have opened myself up, to work with others, to envision the possibilities, to truly honor my strengths and desires, and to make the commitment to make them happen!

With honor and gratitude, these include my ongoing Heart and Hustle video series with interviews with amazing powerhouse folk making change in the world,  Illumination the virtual Mastermind group, my online certification Collective Soul and Teacher Training, the NEW online dance membership program for Gypsy Caravan, coming 2019, working on my new book, plus the online Tribal Grooves Teacher Training (Divine Feminine Fitness at its finest!) and  Wildly Divine Muses, a yearlong creative feminine study with Richelle Spencer, myself and special guests… ah, so exciting, riveting, and heart opening!

Yes, these are many phases of growth, business expansion, heart opening creations and freakin wild opportunities to offer. As a business owner/entrepreneur, transformational lifestyle coach, creatrix of all things tribal, director of a global dance company, author, poet, and guitar strummer, I continuously add to my personal adventures as well as my work evolutions. That is one of my strengths, to be a visionary, a healer, an artist, a transformer, and a creator. And the CEO of my heart!

But the main point is I could not do many of these things without my team. And everyone on my team has their own uniqueness, their own superpowers. So that we can complete our circle, and support each other in what we do best!  Look around and who do you surround yourself with?

Proximity is power!

How big is your circle and what do you bring to the table? Do your friends or associates bring your down or help you expand?  What do you have to offer and give back to the world? And how can you make it a bigger and brighter place? By doing what you do best, friends!

What are your strengths? Do you know? For us women, (and I say women, as that is who my main clients and students are), it is important, necessary, vital, to know what we are really good at, what makes us unique, what gives us our signature, how we do our best work and run in the world. How we present ourselves, what we bring to the world that shines our light the brightest, even down to the most efficient use of our time.

And on the flip side, it is good to know what our “weaknesses” are. When I say it like that word, weaknesses, I don’t necessarily mean that as a bad thing, I mean the things that we aren’t so good at, for me, like filing, and detailing.  I am really good at the big picture, the overall cinema, for putting people in places that are the best for their abilities, for envisioning the possibilities and then I can create my magic and make them happen. Often I can create way too many projects!  But then I need others to complete the picture, the vision, to make their magic too. A creative vortex!

Sometimes we do want to get better at those things, as there is always room for improvement, but often, just knowing what we are really good at, what rocks our world and rings our bells, is what will help us shine our light. Everyone has their thing, and like I always say, not only in my dance classes but in all aspects of business and life, it takes all of us to complete the circle. Everyone has a place, in the village of opportunities,  and we alone don’t have to master everything! People, I used to think I had to be wonderwoman, but that is the quickest way to run yourself into the ground. I’ve done that, several times, before I got the message. We have to expand our circle, our network. We are here to surround ourselves with powerful people who create their magic so that we can create ours. Like the guy who paints our house, or the woman who does my taxes, or the VA who sets up some tech issues on my website. We need each other…

Often it takes investing in ourselves and our dreams to step up into our power and beauty, to rise to the next level, to ask for and get assistance so that we can do the work we are supposed to do. Again, widening your circle and adding to your team. To be successful at what we desire, and prosperous, as we should be. Sometimes it takes building a team to work with, to delegating to others who can shine and do their goodness. Trusting in your visions and yourself to take the big leap.

You can stop yourself. Or…you can live fully, bigger and better, doing what YOU do, what you dream of doing, what you desire, what feeds your soul and body. Like hiring a personal trainer, or a virtual assistant, or a coach. And then letting go of what doesn’t serve you, what doesn’t feed your heart or pay the bills. Think of what would happen if you do NOT take those next steps, if you don’t invest in yourself and your desires, where will you be next year?

Think about it. What do you love to do? What makes you feel good to do and show off to the world? How can you be of service in a bigger way? What are you desiring? What will shine your light even brighter? What will brighten your day to day world? What are you really good at?

  • Are you good at assisting someone with their projects? ( if so, marry me!)
  • Do you love organizing and helping others get focused? Perhaps planning a wedding party?  Or an intimate celebration for a friend, or a telesummit for the professionals you know?
  • You’ve got an amazing way with numbers and would love to help others with their bookkeeping? Or speak on investing and retirement possibilities?
  • Is dreaming and creating, like choreographing a dance or painting a series, calling your name?
  • Does speaking to a crowd on motivation get you all pumped up?
  • Teaching a dance class or running a movement studio?
  • Start your own business? Open a cafe? Write a book?

Having been in those positions, those questioning phases, those questing times, of wondering where and how I can be the most useful, live my purpose, shine my light, I suggest you take time to sit and listen to yourself, quiet yourself and your body, and ask if you are truly living the life you desire, and if not, what would it be? What changes can you make?

And take the steps to shine, my friends, for life is for living, and you are here to live big with so much love and joy, with satisfaction and fulfillment, abundance and prosperity on many levels!

Blessings and sparkles to you…




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