Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers…

with your tribal hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis

 with guest Inner Prosperity coach, Patricia Young, Episode #41

Hello friends…
Welcome to this episode of Heart and Hustle with Patricia Young, with her new book, Awakening to LIfe! Woo hoo… let’s talk about writing books…a fabulous experience for her and for healing layers of life! Self-discovery and continuing on to healing more and more… especially for you mid-lifers! Speaking to you!
Years of travel and experiences and organization… gaining clarity… ah such a great conversation with us. I’m so delighted to bring Patricia to you, my friends!
parts of our conversation…
The Dragonfly…for the cover of her book
allowing ourselves to experience
self-reflection into the feminine glory!
mortality, courage, confusion, all stages of life…
self care, gratitude, daily rituals, daily structure…
an inspired chat… enjoy my friends….
Watch now!

More about Patricia:

Patricia Young is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Holistic Coach, host of the Awakening to Life podcast, founder of Inner Prosperity Academy, and author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling Book “Awakening to Life: Your Sacred Guide to Consciously Creating a Life of Purpose, Magic, and Miracles.”.

With her keen insights, nurturing energy, and proven strategies Patricia has worked with hundreds of people in her coaching practice and online programs, supporting sensitive and growth-oriented women to lead more meaningful lives.  She helps her clients connect with their inner courage and confidence, and identify their highest life vision, so they can make braver decisions and take action to bring their vision into reality—personally and professionally.

Patricia has been featured in Aspire Magazine, on OM Times Radio, and on websites such as FinerMinds by Mindvalley, Lifehack, Personal Growth, Sivana Spirit and The Wellness Universe. She has shared the virtual stage with Dr. Alex Loyd, Dana Wilde, Meadow & Denise Linn, Carol Look, Kari Samuels and Dee Wallace on multiple Tele-summits.

Learn more at: www.InnerProsperityAcademy.com.

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