Self- care, self-love, self-compassion, divine feminine fitness, quiet time, downtime, meditation, mani/pedis, massages, long walks in nature, Epsom salt baths, candlelight… what other words come to you when you think of taking time for yourself?
Self-care is a big buzzword these days (and has been in my world for many moons)… and why is that? Because it is the most important thing you can do for yourself, and also one of the most neglected things we do for ourselves, as a society.
Why is is so hard to take good care of oneself? It is the most selfish, and self-less thing you can do. To take time, to care for, to check in and check out, to connect. Connection is the key. To connect with yourself, to tune in, to your inner being and your outer being. To listen to yourself and to ask for what you need and desire, so that you can live a big, full, happy, and satisfied life. So you can live your best life. And that touches everything and everyone around you.
Women have been taught to put themselves last. But how can you do the best good in the world if you aren’t feeling great, if you aren’t paying attention, if you fall into struggle and disrepair in your heart, soul, and body? Even knowing what you are here to do, your purpose, is hard to find if you aren’t tuned in to your innermost feelings and desires. If you can’t hear yourself.
There are many methods of self-loving these days, and I have been teaching my core 3 for the past 25 + years…. meditate, percolate, dance break… or, time to meditate, then some journaling, then moving that body, usually first thing in the morning, to set your day up for success!
With my coaching clients, and my dance students, I insist, on developing a daily practice. To truly take time for oneself, to stop the world and be with only you, quietly, ecstatically, with connection, peace, love, and even deeper connection. Taking time to envision what you are desiring, asking for what you are wanting, identifying and changing your old stories and limiting beliefs, these are just a few tools and methods to guide you to a more satisfying, fulfilling life of purpose.
Some are so afraid to listen to their inner selves, afraid of that deep connection, to hear what they are truly wanting in their lives, so they live in a state of fear, unfulfillment, questioning what life has to offer them, instead of what they have to offer life. Right? Do you know what I’m talking about? To allow themselves the pleasure of their own being… wow, what could be more delicious then knowing what you are truly wanting, and then being able to act on those desires.
Where do you see yourself now, and down the road? Do you know? Have you taken the time to be with only you? Not what others want of you, or expect of you, or what your mama told you to do… but what you are here for, on this planet? What is your pleasure and your purpose?
I recommend you get into that daily practice —
meditate, percolate, and dance break
to connect with your spirit, your brain, and your body, every day! Wow– what a luscious feeling, to feel that connection with your diving being, your spirit, the universe, plus add in your heart’s desire, and your body’s needs and wants. To feel freakin’ good is the idea, here, my friends, why else are you here?
Instant gratification is fine on some topics in our day of modern push button technology, but not when it comes to you… there is a practice, a ritual, a daily regime of putting yourself first, taking the time to delve in, to listen, so you can superpower your day, your dreams, your connection, and not only get things done, but to feel great while you are doing them. With purpose, satisfaction, power, energy, beauty, creativity, prosperity, abundance, love, and so much more.
Thanks for being here, my friends!
What’s coming up?

Lots of goodies in process as we read here, so stay tuned…

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