Are you good at being sick?
I figured now was a good time to talk about this, as I am in the midst of it myself! Yep, I got the crud, for a week now, cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, a hack like you can’t believe. You know this, right? My nose is like rudolph, I have no voice, plus I had to fly across the country to help my mom (who at 92 broke her leg) with a box of tissues under my chin. And it hurts to talk to her…jeez…oh yea, I hate being sick, and I’m not good at it. Are you?
Just last week I wrote about self-care, and then bam, I’m down…

It’s like your body goes into rebellion, dang…things were cruising along so fabulously, and you’ve got so much on your work docket, that you are truly excited about, but now you can’t even talk, much less quit hacking long enough to have a conversation. Feel that whirlwind? How much crappier can you feel?

Then you realize it’s not going away yet, and you have to sit down again, or take another nap, but you have to start rescheduling all your appointments, one day at a time, coaching clients, video shoots, work dates, even hair appointments, and it makes you feel even worse. You don’t like to show up weak, or not doing your job, or sticking to your appointments. People are emailing you, wanting things from you. It’s hard to keep up, especially when you just want to sleep. You are mostly a one-person team in your business, a solo-preneur, and you don’t have a personal assistant to do any follow-up.

See, that is me, now. Over this summer, dance, business and coaching clients growing, lots of super hot new projects, continuing intense studies in my biz, big opportunities coming, plus some great downtime, summer fun, camping, music, (and healing from a back injury too).

But take a step back from this “sick” situation. Now is the time to take a deep breath, and then several more. Look at all that is going on for you. And listen to what your body needs. Have you listened to your heart and soul besides your body? Maybe you’ve been pushing too hard, and NOT listening, not stopping for a repose, even when you are feeling great. Or not listening deep enough. I’ve spent some invaluable time dealing with healing my back, even quitting teaching my weekly dance classes for the summer, and allowing myself to enjoy the downtime. But along come my father-in-law’s and a cousin’s death just two weeks ago, a mother who needs help across the country, flying back and forth a few times, some personal turmoils. And you just keep trudging forward, helping those you can support, and you, being a self-love guru (like me!), not always taking your own advice. Bam… And you get sick, like really sick, not deathbed, but sick bed, enough to knock you back several yards.

OK, my friends, time to look at some of the possibilities for yourself. Especially if you are someone who’s body will knock you down before you stop. Is this you? I’ve done this so many times, and apparently still do!

What is the worst thing that could happen if you have to reschedule someone or something? Seriously. Remember, everyone is human, everyone goes through similar things. And almost everyone will understand.

Always a good question…what is the worst that could happen?

Forgiveness… that’s what you need, that’s what I need. It’s freakin’ OK to get sick, friends, it does not mean you are weak or less than…it mean’s I’m human.

And YOU are still and always the most important thing in your life. Self-care, before sickness, during sickness, and after sickness. NO matter why you got sick. Go back to your basics — (like I wrote about here last week), a little meditation, some journaling time, some slow movement and some rest, lots of tea, and mostly, forgiveness, right, while you are listening to your body, your heart, and your spirit. You’re not perfect and it’s ok if you happen to get sick. Forgive yourself instead of beat yourself silly for feeling under the weather.

Always a good time to ask yourself what is needed and desired at this time. Got some emotional stuff you’re hanging onto? Let it out baby, write it down, talk about it, let go of it. Need some special self-care time? Take it… remember you are no good to anyone else if you aren’t on top of your game. How do you want to show up in the world?

In my experience, people will admire you more when you show them how great you take care of yourself, especially when you show up glimmering, instead of how “busy” you are and how large a rollercoaster you can ride and handle.

So here I go, some big self-forgiveness, rearranging my schedules, downtime, allowing the downtime is even better and bigger! Allowing myself to be just where I am, to rebuild and get well, so I can go on to do all those new special projects, take care of my peeps, and have fun doing all of it!

Thanks for being here my friends!

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