Dance and Desire :: what’s your Heart and the Hustle :

Happy Sunday friends!

As always, I have a few questions for you!

What are you desiring?

Where is your heart leading you?

And what is holding you back?

What is your hustle?

With my Dance and Desire 4week online course that I created for you, you get four amazing weeks, at home, on your own time, no pressure, no deadlines…and TODAY it is on sale for 1/2 price!

Find and Feel Your Magic! Everyday…

:: Where’s your Heart and your Hustle?

take it as far and as deep as you desire, your choices, identify and remove those blocks,

stop your self-sabotage,

move your body to feel great in your skin,

get your energy pumping and add momentum,

change your words and your story to find soul-felt fulfillment,

discover a new creativity, and expand into joy and pleasure!

Four weeks online…in your own time…

This is a body and soul retreat for you to do from the comfort of your home…

Time to get out of your box and try something new and different and get reacquainted with your badass self!

And TODAY it is on SALE for you for 1/2 price!

Change Your State :: Change Your Story :: Design Your Life

… feel it, write it, move it, believe it, share it, do it…

Remember, you get to design your own life!



What’s inside waiting to come out? 

What all do you get? Weekly emails full of inspirations and tools for you…

Questions for deep diving, tools for self-care, plus weekly movement video sessions- weekly audios and weekly journaling prompts, with some future-tripping envisioning and meditations! Easy stretching and a yoga flow with a moving meditation, combined with upbeat grooves, workouts and some feminine bellydance moves. Add in morning power walks and incantations, a powerful and evocative 4 weeks for you…

Play with your words and change your mindset, releasing limiting beliefs and those old patterns. No more settling, right?

This is YOUR Time to:

Move that body

Do some deep diving

Break down those walls and borders

Quit with the self-sabotage

Quest for those missing links

Add more enjoyment

Find more pleasure

Take action and finally make some potent and feel-good decisions to begin to design the life you desire, adding in a reinvigorating, delightful daily practice to keep you revved up and moving forward with your dreams.

To FEEL GREAT in your body, spirit, and mind!

How does that sound to you? Ready?

and TODAY it is on SALE for you for 1/2 price! Register now and get 1/2 off the regular price of $197.00…includes all materials, videos, and downloads for you to keep forever!

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Danceanddesire-1/2 price

Enjoy my friends and I always love to know how it is going for you…
Let me know how I can serve you the best…

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

Did you read about this a few days ago/ Calling all tribal bellydancers!
Starting January 2019…
Along with myself, Paulette, these amazing leaders, women, dancers, teachers, with Nina Martinez, Deirdre Macdonald, Christine Haviland, Cinzia DiCioccio, Bolly Rich, Misha Cain Nell, Amanda Richardson, Jamie Hutchinson, Allie Joseph, Angie Neylan Wimmer, and Sherry Coffey…
we bring you
the Tribal Connection!
More TBA! Stay tuned!

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