Winter session! Next Mastermind starts January 12th, through April 12th, 2019! 3 months of YOU…

This is a great way to start off the new year! Three months of clarity and focus, you have made the choice to move forward and now it’s time to join us to get it done!

Are you a creative woman who is tired of putting your dreams lastsick of feeling overwhelmedfrustrated with not making enough money, and done with settling for less that you desire and deserve?

Do you feel that ache inside your heart, that longing, for finding and using your creativity, bringing your divine feminine creations into existence?


This is for you if you are ready for your intuitive creative adventure and to commit to yourself to live to your fullest potential. Do you want to live lit up with happiness, pleasure, and abundance! And feel the satisfaction of finally gathering your momentum to move forward out of your limiting beliefs?

Ready to write that book, start your own business, get that body movin’ and groovin’, change your story… that’s what I’m all about as your coach…let’s rewrite your story, release what’s stopping you, and take the big leap!

Change your words, change your story, change your life!

Illumination :: the Mastermind! Our upcoming women’s group is for you if you are ready to unfold into your desires, to listen to that ache and dive in deep. You want to commit to yourself to live to your fullest potential.

Let’s get the tools, time, and inspirations to finally do what you’ve been wanting with clarity and confidence, to find what’s waiting to unfold, and take action.

Real concrete action.

Do you want to support all areas of your life by saying YES! Ready to live lit up with happiness, pleasure, and abundance and knowing you are finally doing it?

This is a great way to start the new year and kick it off! Three months of YOU!

Movement, Momentum, and Magic

I want you to step into your badass creative fullness and beauty and abundance, to live in the body you love,

to feel the lightness and greatness of diving full on into what you are truly desiring! With ease and gratitude…

One of the greatest parts of being in our mastermind group is that you are ready to do the work, to dream big, while being in the presence of like-minded souls, to share and watch and listen, to be inspired and inspire, while your fellow Illuminators are kicking ass too. This is such an invaluable tool, learning experience, and supportive network, you’ll wonder how you got along without a mastermind group before…

You are ready to work directly with me to get out of mediocrity and step into your creative glory and vivaciousness! Join me and our small group, to get your body, heart, mind, and soul aligned and moving forward to reach fulfillment, prosperity, and connection unlike anything else.

Are you ready to take the next step to achieving your dreams? I want to see you succeed, to live full-on, with joy and fulfillment. Will you commit to yourself? If you said YES, I would love you to join me. This will be a small select group for three months, with an application process to make sure we are a good fit and this is what you want…

I would love to talk with you about this. If you have questions, concerns about joining, schedule time with me for a 20-minute free phone consult… You ready?

Your investment in yourself for three months is $697.00 (half the price of one-on-one coaching with me) I am happy to offer you a payment plan with a  $400 deposit, plus two monthly payments of $170.00.

J.S. says after finishing up her mastermind, “I can’t even tell you how much you have helped me. When I look back I was in such a hopeless and darn place. Thinking I wasn’t worth shit. I am so much lighter by dumping that baggage and believing that I’m worth it and that I can do anything.”

Are you ready? Register now, here, and we will email you the application questions…

Want more details? Register here…

*Note: there are no refunds for this Mastermind group session…

Let me know how I can best support you in making this decision…what’s best for you right now…

with so much love,






It’s a HUGE Sale in GC land!

this week, until Sunday, SALE!!!!

I love you all so much! And so appreciate you being here, and loving what Gypsy Caravan has produced over the years, inspired tunes, words, garments and of course, our amazing tribal bellydance!

So this week, check out our music, books, tshirts, and a Tribal Tech DVD…

Really, friends, now is your time to pick up one or all of these CDs, a DVD, and some Tribal Grooves Tshirts…oh, how about that Tribal Vision book?

$5.00- $8.00 ONLY! woo hoo ( but of course, we have to add S&H!)


Physical CDs, Tribal Vision book, and Tribal Tech #2… only $5.00

and any Tribal Grooves Tshirt, $8.00 each!

OK, how about that? Super fun and fabulous, right?

So this week only, get one or all!  and Enjoy…

Go here for all that sale goodness…

and good stuff coming up this week, more info on our amazing retreat to Mexico next April, GC Teacher Training starting this month, Tribal Grooves Teacher training Online coming up next month! and the Tribal Connection opening up in January!

oh my… always goodness, inspiration, and support…and more! xoxo





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