Hello loves!

How excited am I to share the updates with you for our Illuminate and Create retreat? OH MY GODDESS…and registration opened today!!!!

It’s going to be amazing, juicy, adventure, clarity on what’s next for you, in the beautiful, colorful, art-filled, inspiring town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico!

I told you that we were going somewhere special this next year, right?!

APRIL 18-22, 2019


This is for you to take your life to the next level and leap big!

What is your next project?

What are you wanting to change?

Do you lie awake at night wondering how to fulfill those desires and heart longing, for something to shift?

How do you get off the whirlygig so you can truly listen to yourself and move into what you want to become?

I know what it’s like to be stuck, in that overwhelm place of too much and too little, getting torn in 2 or 5 directions!  I, too, have been in quicksand, like sinking in that bottomless pit of frustration and fear. Feeling sooooo ready to make a change, but not quite sure which way to go or how or when… 

And during our three days of the retreat, what I do as your coach and your guide, is share tools and methods to make those changes…help you gain clarity and make plans, get you moving your mojo as well as your body, identitfy and release what is holding you back, while you have the opportunity to explore this exciting little town, and share in our circle of other women on that path too. And have a great time doing it!

Change your words, Change your story, Change your life!

Well my friends, NOW is your time… to commit to making those changes… to step up into more fulfillment and satisfaction, to taking yourself out of your comfort zone, take an adventure ( yes, to Mexico!), and get some support and guidance to take action on what you are really wanting!

Join me April 18-22, 2019 to experience a retreat designed especially for you, with creative women who are desiring to take that journey– an inner deep dive with an outer adventure into colorful possibilities and action. Let’s move your body, mind, and spirit as we gather in an intimate circle. Get ready for that change, and make a magic action plan!

This is time for yourself, to not only dive in deep, but also time to relax, explore, and gather with like-minded, powerful women, using movement, momentum, and magic! In this inspiring town. And allow the flow of attraction and action, and the unfolding of what you have been wanting. 

***Click here to read ALL about it, check out the fantastic work we will be doing together, for each of you creative women, the town–over Easter weekend- Samana Santa, the spa, our incredible hotel… and more…

This will be a small retreat, an intimate circle of powerful manifesting women, open for only 11 gals, so don’t wait to register…

In this the beautiful, colorful, creative, art-filled, and passionate city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, we stay at Casa de la Noche–a colorful old brothel turned into a gorgeous art-filled hotel…
And it’s Easter weekend, called Samana Santa…with fabulous goings-on around town too, with time for adventures… and great eats…

A powerful weekend full of creative ritual and internal connection, playful easy movement and dance, and quiet focused time, with guided reflection and refinement…Movement, Momentum, and Magic…

Click here to read ALL about it…

Let me know what you think, wondering if this is the right retreat for you, feel free to email me with questions…and please feel free to share this retreat info with any other women who are ready to step up bigger and better too. Thank you for that!

See you there,

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

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