Over the past few years, I've written a few art-filled colorful manifestos, for my personal and business life combined, to share with my students. In some of my dance certification courses, as a coach, I've also asked the dancers to write their own too. Some have, some haven't, no matter. But the idea is to stop, think, and take a look at your beliefs, old ones and new ones. To see what still holds true for you and notice how you've changed.

What is a manifesto? A statement of values, a mission statement, a public declaration of intentions and beliefs. In writing mine I read several other manifestos, some for business and some for personal, some written in list form, some creatively collaged with big or small words twisted every which way, and some with photographs and mixed media too. When I started, I was turned on by Jonathon Fields words in his The Good Life Project Manifesto, the well-read Holstee Manifesto, below, and even Zappos, the shoe company's core values (here.)

So I wrote and rewrote, meditated on my values and beliefs. Being an artist, I choose to add photos, make it a fun and colorful art project that I shared the world over! And I redid it a couple years running.

Here's just a few of the words that came up for me:

Quest. Cultivate. Gratitude. Grace.

Sing your heart out.

Initiate. Innovate. Inspire. Instruct.

Love yourself like no other.

Never take your body for granted. It needs to be fed and loved. It is your tool for your passion and for well-being. It is all you have.

Relax. Really. What matters is you believe in you.

Stop. Breathe. Look around at the splendor.

Take care of all the creatures. No harm to any living thing. Ahimsa. Be Vegan.

Support the local farmers. Support the small businesses.

Revel in the beauty of the world.

Drink good coffee and good wine. Eat the freshest veggies. Cut out processed foods. Get your exercise. Daily.

Smile at all you meet. Share the love.

Write a love note every week. Either to you or someone else.

Laugh often.

Play time is necessary… and so are massages!

A Feel-good Recipe: A smile, A hug, A dose of ridiculousness, A bowl of hot soup, A pee-in-your-pants, roll-on-the-floor laughing session, A doggie cuddle

Create and share the beauty.

Encourage. Support. Enthusiasm is infectious! Pass it on…

Wear your boots and kick up your heels – there is always time for some boot scootin’!

Walk with an open heart.

Move forward with intention.

Dress like you mean it.

Always wear your invisible crown.

Evolve. Change. Pursue. Thrive. Strive. Practice. Gather. Cherish. Harmonize. Be audacious.

Listening is an art.

Be a possibilitarian.


Be compassionate.

Be grateful….

Honor it all…


Live with passion…


Fun, right?

I invite you now to write your own! How about a few questions to get you started… get out your journals or you computer, and write without thinking too much! You can edit later… let your heart open and the words flow!

What are you grateful for? Can you list 20 things that you are thankful to have in your life?

What do you believe about yourself?

What traits describe you as a human?

What do you give back to the world?

What does your work/art stand for?

What do you want to share?

If you do this too, you will notice how you might have some old beliefs that don't hold true anymore, or find new ones that truly light you up!


This year I proposed a new project to the dancers and my certified Master Teachers of my global dance company, Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, Int. to come up with a group manifesto of what it's like to be a dancer, a woman, a teacher, a student, a friend, within our world renowned community. Full of love, what we believe, and what we are commited to!

**Go here to read the entire Gypsy Caravan manifesto!

I thank them so much for working with me to think about and compile these quotes for our tribe, and all. And for designing a simple but evocatively beautiful manifesto ( Deirdre Macdonald, Nina Martinez, Amanda Richardson, Jamie Hutchinson, Allie Joseph, Sherry Coffey, Misha Nell, Angie Wimmer, Christine Haviland, and Richelle Spencer). We are delighted to share this with you too. May it inspire you to live a big life full of love!

Let us know what you think, and share yours with us! You can join us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/GypsyCaravanDanceCompany/.

Thanks for being here,

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