What’s in the cards for you for 2019?

Thought I’d do a little card spread for us this morning…thinking about what is to come!

Ohhhh, I love this… The better it gets the better it gets — for money attraction.

Follow your own Rhythm — For being the badass rebel business woman!


The Elephant… for a bit of fire for being auspicious, unstoppable and wise!

I will receive all of that, thank you so much! How about you?

I’ve got a groovy list below of many events happening with my tribes in 2019, below, but first, let’s chat!

Have you given next year much thought, yet? Or a lot of thought! Making plans? Dreaming big?

Ready for a change?

Whatcha’ gonna do?

While I constantly envision bigger and brighter things for me personally, and my several businesses, and YOU, I love this time of year for all things — reflection, self-renewal, and checking in on my desires to come! Plans, calendaring up, self-care time, lots of over-the-moon-excitement while keeping myself in check to actually make things happen!

Taking concrete action is what keeps me and my businesses growing, being able to envision what I want. Asking the universe for it, planning the how’s and the shy’s, and often asking for help.

Oh yes, I have several folks who help with all aspects of Paulette land! Virtual assistants, creative assistants, my own coaches, my team/tribe, my own mastermind group, business associates, women’s groups, friends, and my husband too! But I always need assistance, guidance, help, for someone else who can step a little further away to help me get clarity.

And then of course, my own tools for manifesting… This week on my Heart and Hustle Live (FB LIve, I”m back on Mondays now!) I talked about the pleasures of manifesting, and how good it feels when what you desire, what you believe in, what you want in your life… when that comes true… well hot damn! That is awesome… ( if you missed  this week’s episode, you can view it here



So, how will you manifest what you want for the new year?

What are you desiring to have happen, to change, to add to your beautiful life?

Let me know if I can help? Would you like to have a free Breakthrough to your Magical Mojo Discovery session with me? Let’s have a 30 minute chat on the phone to see what is next for you, and if I can be of service to help guide you… Click here now to schedule that call with me.

What’s coming up? Wow, so much…

So I wanted to share several of the upcoming events for this coming year! So much goodness, and some great things to choose from… I hope you find something that rings your bell and join me in the new year!

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

~ Ferdinand Foch

How excited am I for this? Woo hoo…

Illumination :: the Retreat for Women :: Illuminate and Create… in Mexico, April 2019!!!



Click here to read all about itearly bird discount ($300) if you register before Nov. 15th!

This is for you to take your life to the next level and leap big!

What is your next project?

What are you wanting to change?

How do you get off the whirlygig so you can truly listen to yourself and move into what you want to become?

Illumination the Mastermind!

Winter session! Starts January 12th, through April 12th, 2019!

3 months of YOU… and a powerful creative circle of women. Group and private coaching with me… and so much more… another amazing connection.


Are you desiring to live your day to day life more lit up?

Are you on fire? Are your creative sparks abounding?

Are you feeling like that is NOT happening right now, because you are overwhelmed or don’t know how to get off the treadmill?

Now just might be the time for you to join me, and our small intimate group of creative women who are desiring change, clarity, and a supportive circle of like-minded women.

Click here to read more…

For you tribal bellydancers, The Tribal Connection, this NEW membership online program is for you, whether you are just starting dancing or are a seasoned pro! This is all about the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance philosophies, the moves, the lifestyle, the community.



With myself (Paulette!) and the Master Teachers of GC, and you, we gather once a month on a live and recorded zoom call, plus your receive monthly dance class videos, and/or drilling videos, or videos on how-to’s, discussions, and your private group page to connect with your fellow dancers. Because this is all about our global community. How cool is this?

Registration will go live in November and this also starts in January 2019…


there is our yearly Gypsy Caravan Tribal Summit! In 2019, In Hawaii, on Oahu… October 2019, More info to come… Click here for our event page


And of course  in the new year there are many connections, classes, and Collective Soul and Teacher Training certifcation courses online with me, and in person  with our Master Teachers all over the globe… Event calendar here

Heart and Hustle Live with me on Mondays, now through December, 11 am PST , here… Join us for some lively and inspired conversations.





And the continuing series of Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers! Coming to you every 2 weeks… dynamic, magical, and life changing business women, dancers, and healers… Check out some of the past episodes too…




Love you all for sharing this journey with me, for being here, for supporting me so I can support you…

with immense gratitude… and here is to a rockin’ year ahead… 




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