A Time For Reflection

I love this time of year in the Pacific NW where I live. All the things of fall — the crisp cool days, the brilliant fiery colors of the dying leaves and then kicking them up during the daily romp in the park with my dog, wrapping warm shawls around my neck and digging out the sweaters, and the light, the intoxicating light…how the light changes from that late summer to early fall is so exquisite. All the things.

It's also that time of year for me to think about reflection. And to take time to do it! How about you? Time to look at the year behind and the year ahead. To think about business goals and changes, as well as personal soul goals. What has gone right, wrong, and what can be better, constantly envisioning bigger and brighter things

What all is possible? I'm a mad journaler and I love taking stock of things going on in my life, scribbling lists, post-it notes full of fresh ideas, new desires. I do this questioning work with my coaching clients and students often. The quest-always digging in for the deep dive.

Taking concrete action is what keeps me and my businesses growing, being able to envision what I want. Asking the universe for it, planning the how’s and the why’s, and often asking for help. It does really take time to sit and reflect, to lay it out and follow the map of what could be, what wasn't going to make it, what to let go of, and what I want more of. Right? The more detailed one gets, the more clarity one has. Taking the time to dream and figure out what you truly want, and what you want to change, allows you to really figure out how to up your income for the next year, let go of what is holding you back, fine tuning the deets. You can look at the overall picture but if you don't get into the details you own't be able to declare your truer desires. And manifest them!

Last week on my Heart and Hustle Live (FB Live, I'm back on Mondays now!) I talked about the pleasures of manifesting, and how good it feels when what you desire, what you believe in, what you want in your life… when that comes true… well hot damn! That is awesome ( if you missed  last week’s episode, you can view it here).

This time of year is also about revamping and rebooting my body and my self-care needs. The summer is over, the darkness is coming sooner, most of my traveling is done. So good to be home and cozy up. Retreat in. Self-renewal.

There are many ways to retreat. Spa days, pajama days, walk in the woods days, weekend trips, girl gatherings. Depends on what you are wanting, right? We all need massages and soaking and long lunches and stay in bed days. Weekend getaways can be revitalizing. What I love when it's not about the pampering, but more about the heart desires, is gathering with a group of powerhouse folk, via mastermind groups, seminars, online groups, but with people ready and on fire to make a change, and get down to it. That is one of my specialties as a coach — the laser focused, get down to the shit, kind of intensive. Staying super on it, getting it all out on the table, making plans, dreaming big, taking leaps, and getting the encouragement and support to take action, keep momentum, and feel great about it. That can feel like a retreat, something done in one fell swoop! Clarity, feeling good, doing what you love, taking care of yourself while you are doing it (that's the ticket, friends!) Continuing self-care and self-compassion through change and growth…

My retreats that I lead are like that. Time for relaxing, getting away from the ordinary everydays of your life, plus focusing on your desires. Add in lovelies like spa hours, adventure and creativity, delicious foods, all the things that feed you on so many levels. So that you can continue to thrive and grow, dream big and make the plans to make those things happen, bring the change, and bring on the joy, love prosperity.

So, what are you desiring to have happen, to change, to add to your beautiful life? How will you manifest what you want for the new year? I suggest a retreat for your brain, your body, and your soul…

moving, manifesting, infusing

our bodies

our lives

our souls

with the I am

that you truly are

Honor the was

and then sweat that Release

Dance into the Magic

Claim the enoughness

Infuse your why

to be nourished and to nourish,

to dream and be dreamed,

to honor and cherish ourselves.

And live big…

Blessings to your clarity and desires, and to time for yourself!


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