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I know you lovelies have been waiting for more information on this new membership program! I’ve actually been planning this in my little brain for a few years and am so ecstatic to be able to bring this program and opportunity to you. More dance, more workout, more connection with your sistas around the world! ( and brothers too).

I am blessed to have such a dynamic team of dancers who have studied with me intensively for years, to become Master Teachers and leaders in their own community as well as our joint collaborations. They have taken on those roles with their great passion for the dance and the lifestyle that encompasses the entire being, one of body, mind, and spiritual wholeness, wellness, with so much freakin’ love. They have built tribes around the globe and now we have the space and opportunity to meet up with each other and continue on our their individual paths too. Some of you know these beautiful women, some of them you have seen their names or faces pop up. Now you can meet all of us!

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, it is a universal dance of connection and belonging… a circle of energy and magic…of honoring the ancients plus the innovators. No matter what dance background or level of experience, this is a style to undertake, to study, to learn the roots of the dance that has inspired thousands of dancers around the globe, the foundation for the evolution, the revolution of bellydance, and all that it has become, is to become, a creation in process and progress.

Empowerment, mind-bending discoveries of self, of blooming, opening, moving the body poetic, add in the importance of using our bodies as our medium of self-expression, the physical strength and fitness, the divinely gorgeousness of feminine beauty, of ways of expression through the body, heart, and soul.

Whether you are just starting dancing or are a seasoned pro, this is all about the GCTB  philosophies, the moves, the dance, the lifestyle, the community. We, the master teachers and dancers behind the GC tribe, are wanting to bring communion, to join the global forces, and add in the layers of what makes our dance so intoxicatingly addictive (did you drink the kool-aid?!!).

With monthly videos of dance moves, varying levels, drilling, zilling, props, reviews, workouts, plus the enlightened conversations behind the dance, within the dance, with each one of you participating, and sharing your stories. You are the major components that make this dance, your dance, our dance. 

The opportunities that have arisen because of this dance have been outstanding, the personal self-growth, the body awareness, the creative self-expression, along with the powerful co-creating in the moment, the moving meditations, besides just how freakin’ good this dance feels on our bodies. Right?

And how about all the creations that have been born from each of you, whether it be sewing a new costume, finding that perfect song, painting a portfolio of costumed dancers, starting a whole new business, undertaking Teacher Training to open your own studio or teach a few classes after work. Just freakin’ wow!

Then we are bringing in monthly calls to connect us with you, and you with each other, with lively discussions on the history, the ideas, the how-to’s of the different styles of costuming and creating the uniqueness. And I love to throw in the journaling, the questions to you to dive in a little deeper, business and personal coaching. It brings me great pleasure to see you building your dreams and having a great time doing it! 

Registration is open…Click here to join us!

January brings us Deirdre Macdonald (from Scotland) and her tribe of dancers with dance moves and drilling, Angie Neylan Wimmer (from the US) gets us in our bodies with a good full body workout. And joining me for our monthly zoom call is Australian teacher Nina Martinez…and you never know what other goodies and extras we will add in. 

How fun is this? Plus when you join you will be added to our private group page to introduce yourself to all of us…we can be in one place together! I love building our tribe and being able to offer you all this tribal goodness. It feels so powerful and in alignment with what we are all desiring right now, more global and personal creativity and joy.

We are offering a discount if you join now! You can sign up for 3 months at a time, or just jump in for the whole she-bang for a year, and save some money before December 15th…We kick of January 1st! Woo hoo…

Registration is open…Click here to join us!

I am so full of gratitude, that you are here with me, with us for this new experience. Blessings to you, and I’ll see you on the tribal path!









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