Hello there, a few questions for you…

Starting from the minute you wake up, how do you set up your day?

Do you set yourself up for success?

How do you make your day the best day of your life?

Why would you not want that when you wake up every day?

How do you make a commitment to yourself everyday? With the intention of living fully, of totally enjoying yourself, doing your best work, and to be totally present in all aspects of your day. That does make for a fine day, right?

I am constantly preaching to my clients and students about the opportunities and variations on daily rituals of self-love and compassion, and how important and necessary giving yourself good quality time alone, daily, can be for you. What is the outcome of a daily morning regime, such as meditation, journaling, and some body movement? This is a practice if you are not used to doing this for yourself, just like taking a class or learning how to play guitar. Practice means doing, and committing, and sticking to finish for the outcome!

We talked about this on my Heart and Hustle Live the other day ( on FB). This is my weekly global conversation and we get into some juicy topics!

This week talking about meditation, Allie says, “I meditate each and every day before I get out of bed; it’s how I start my day. And I often do breathing meditation when I find myself getting anxious because it helps tremendously. “

Faenor writes, ” Meditation is actually spending time with yourself, goals, thoughts, drives aside. Just being with yourself. It lets you see past the clutter of the mind.”

Celinda says, “Meditation helps to set my intention and gives me answers for how to move forward in the best way for me. We need to remember that we are worth our own time, to honor ourselves is how we begin to honor others.”

And YES, we are worth it, worth giving time to ourselves and committing to feeling better. Feeling great in your body, mind, and spirit! That’s what I’m talking about. Starting your day off with some good positive juju, setting yourself up for success, whether that be on the homefront or the work place, what ever is happening for you that day.

And setting that intention for the outcome of a fun, joyful day of accomplishments and perhaps adventure and connection. What do you want to do today? What do you desire to focus on? Pay attention and then set your intention. Knowing what you want to have happen and why… the ultimate outcome is to feel great doing whatever you are doing!

Attention energizes, Intention transforms!

So…how many of you meditate on a regular basis? And if you do, how do you feel? And if you don’t, why would you want to? Or perhaps you just need a little coaching to get started. Yep, that’s me… right here cheering you on!

Meditation…is time to gather yourself, tune in and quiet yourself so you can connect with your inner being, your inner light, your god. To help release all the crazy monkey brain thoughts running through your brain. to help you gain clarity and focus for what you are truly wanting.

It can help you get answers to your questions by tuning in and asking for what you are desiring. It is an invaluable tool in today’s often chaotic world of “busy-ness”, of too much computer time, of running yourself ragged trying to do it all. To get to that place of calmness and sureness, of knowing what you want to do and even how to do it. A time to be with yourself, allowing you to be present, to fall into a place that delightful place of stillness with yourself.

I invite you to take this challenge with me… every morning do between 5-15 minutes of sitting meditation! This could be a variety of methods, breathing meditations, guided visualizations, and silent too…

If you are needing more guidance, I would suggest installing Insight Timer on your phone or pad and checking out the mediations and also the timer for your practice. Also, Gaia.com has a plethora of meditations and movements to get you juiced up.

As you progress through the days of the challenge, try to lengthen the time each day… notice what comes up for you, and how you feel throughout the day. If you can spend a few minutes journaling after too, writing the morning pages (a la Julia Cameron and the Artist’s Way), and take note on how the practice goes as the days go.

Set your intention for the day ahead. And then come over to my FB site and share that you did it and how it’s going! Support each other and let’s feel great as we head into the holidays.

Calm, Collected, and Connected!

Let me know how you are doing, friends! We are all here for the ride… thanks for being part of my global tribe…


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