Elevate and Illuminate…the Illumination Mastermind is here!

Hello beauties…

How is your December rolling along so far? This is the season for merrymaking, celebration, festivities, families, gatherings, but can also a time of darkness and reflection. The end of the year, the beginning of a new year. Stepping stones, big leaps, small wins, more or less money, peoples around me, joy or sadness, noticing what I have been able to contribute to my tribes and the world in general… and personal and business reviews of ideas and projects that have come to fruition and completion, or not. Plus new inspirations and downloads for what is next. Right? Whew… so much…

I talk about soul goals often, about getting shit done, Mapping it out, making magic, moving the body, stepping big into what is next, sharing tools to help you get out of overwhelm, and taking those steps to dream big and live full on. You may have heard me go on diatribes about these things! These are my passions, as your coach, supporting YOU to experience your desires, and live this awesome life, full of gratitude and satisfaction. Sharing the tools I have learned, experienced, and tightened up along my path too. I believe we all are here to enjoy and shine our light, that we are all creative powerhouses. 

Sometimes that light needs some help to shine brighter and fuller. You know what I mean? Have you felt that? Like someone hit the dimmer on you? Like you can’t quite see what’s in front of you, which path to take, which switch to pump up? 

How would you like to change that? Emotionally, financially, physically, mentally? All of that! To start the new year with a clearer vision, with momentum to step into what you’ve been wanting, desiring to let go of those old stories, to change up those words and rewrite your story, to redefine your sexy powerful feminine self? To dance with your desires! And do this with a circle of other women, moving into their power, elevating themselves and their desires and actually get them happening? Woohoo… I invite you to MAKE YOUR MOVE! Are you feeling it? Getting chills thinking about what it could be for you?

What all is possible?

Join us in our 3-month Mastermind, starting January 12th…
not only imagine and envision what you want to bring in but get the tools and action plans to make them happen!
That’s what I’m talking about friends… and this is the time to do it together, not ALONE!
Elevate and Illuminate! Illumination the Mastermind…

This is a high-level support group for creative ambitious women. This is an intimate circle, online, with a small gathering of you who are ready to make the moves! It is safe, supportive, and fun. A place to learn, do the work, inspired and be inspired, thrive… to thrive for the upcoming year!

I am looking for 10 women who are ready to dive in, show up, expand in every aspect of mind, body, and spirit. Who are ready and willing to leap big, and cut through the bullshit, to step into their badassness, and live lit up every day. To shine your light! IS THIS YOU?

Click here to register…

What we do for 3 months…

You get weekly emails full of tools, inspirations, journaling prompts, meditations, and movement videos. You get one private 30-minute coaching session with me each month where we brainstorm, get clarity,  and set yourself into action. Add in one group coaching call (on Zoom) a month ( will be recorded), and a private FB group page to work with each other! I will help guide you to your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, we calendar it up, and I hold you accountable, as do all of us in the group, You are ready to do this. Gotta love that kind of action and desire!

This is YOUR time, to dream big, with no judgment, and step into your light!

This starts with our first group call on January 12th (time to be determined depending on time zones!) and the week before I would start your first private session with me to get you revved up! 

Next calls: February 9th and March 16th! Plus the weekly emails, private group gatherings and your personal sessions with me. 

Light up your desires!

Your investment into yourself:  only $697.00

$400.00 will reserve your spot… there are only 10 spots!

What all is possible? For you? Now? Join us…

Click here to register and hold your spot…

Email, paulette@paulettereesdenis.com, if you have questions! Let’s talk to make sure this is right for you…


When you join the Mastermind, you get a bonus discount of $300 off the in person Illumination Retreat for Women, to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico in April 2019, right following the finish of the Mastermind. Coming together in person to get more empowered, creative juice and direction and even bigger dreams for what is next for you!

Whoa, you are on fire now! 

Click here to read about the retreat!





Thanks for being here, for desiring to live bigger and shine your light!






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Share with your friends who would enjoy too… Blessings…

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