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Dancers, all of us at GC headquarters are working behind the scenes, videotaping classes for you for each month, so that we can be together virtually. You can take the class over and over again all month long, how cool is that? Talk to each other around the globe, networking, showing your stuff and what you do, get more dance technique, body knowledge, and strengthening, and be able to talk live with us too… 
This is new, hasn’t been done like this before, and we are excited to bring this to you and have you participate with us!

PLUS, each quarter we are contributing 5% to a global fund… SOoooo excite about finally doing this, the first quarter will go to Charity: Water…,
We are a global tribe and can contribute to help global issues…

The Tribal Connection! Starting January 1st…
Join in with our global tribe, joining forces of dance goodness… weekly bits of classes, drills, group chats, live discussions, workouts! Meet your sisters and brothers around the globe, train on your own time, and love the dance even more… Registration is open…
and a reminder, the early discounted price ends Dec. 15th, so get in now to save some $$$ for the first year. We can’t wait to get started with you, and share more about the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance!

Go here to read more and sign up!


Thanks for being here, for desiring to dance through life with joy and passion!

Amanda, Jamie, and Paulette from GCDC!

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