Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with Paulette Rees-Denis,

and todays guest, women’s sensuality expert and guest, Lucia Pavone, Episode #47

Wow, what a fun episode of Heart and Hustle with this luscious woman, Lucia Pavone, who works with sexuality and is a pleasure instigator! We have a juicy conversation, talking about movement, dance, and how we stand tall and proud in our feminine bodies.

Lucia is an expert in body navigation, communication, and understanding the art of seduction and sensuality.

The important question is, “What lights you up?”

For Lucia, it is being of service. And for helping women find what is really going on “down there”! And to be able to talk about vulvas and the differences between each woman!

Plus Lucia talks about how her life is not separate from her job, loving what she does for work, and how she lives her everyday life!

And how we all come into our passions, our careers, our lives because of connection and community, and how the party is right below nirvana! Why go alone?

It’s a party in your pants! Think of that statement, you’ve heard before. But think of the exquisite connection and how fun it is to get together and be ignited!

Let’s change the world together, have fun, and stay on the party train!

Watch our interview here and please comment, and enjoy… join us for this luscious life!

More about Lucia!

Lucia Pavone is an international speaker and instructor of the art of sensual pleasure, with an emphasis on full body orgasm. She supports those who identify as women to connect to their sensuality, love the body they are in and have a sex life worth bragging about.

Her journey of sexual emancipation began over 16 years ago when she took her first sensuality course. Quickly realizing the pursuit of pleasure was her calling, she became a dedicated researcher of communication, relationships and sensuality . Busting through the limitations put on a woman’s orgasm, she’s experienced over 6,000 hours of Deliberate Embodied Orgasm (full body, extended orgasm). (PAUSE HERE)

Lucia has been featured on the Ignite Intimacy podcast, Taboo Talk,nPerformers Creative Lab Podcast, and discoverHER radio as well as been interviewed for medium.com and bustle.com. For the past 2 = years, she’s hosted a weekly livestream on OSchool, a pleasure based sex education website, which has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Glamour and recently went viral on NOW THIS.

Lucia believes that by experiencing the universe through sensual gratification, pleasurable communication , and a woman’s orgasm, life has infinite possibilities.

Social Media Links for Lucia Pavone

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lusciousluciapavone/

Twitter: lusciousluciapavone @life_luscious

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lusciousluciapavone/

Website: www.lusciouslovelife.us

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