Kickin’ into this new year with a refreshed outlook on what I’m doing, in my business and for my personal life, with abundance and all things pleasurable. Yes! Last year kicked me down several times and I am ready to step up even bigger and healthier and stronger, with more prosperity and more freedom…tha’st what I ask my coaching clients.

Are you ready to step up, to rise up, into your dream life, your ideal creative zone, your wealth consciousness? Woohoo… who’s with me?

I like to pick a word for the year, perhaps several words, but the main one for me right now is Connected. I want to feel connected to myself, to my soul and heart, to my body and mind.To truly listen to my inner guide, to really do what feels great, what feels right for me, to be able to take those bigger steps and leap with trust and faith.   Then I can connect with everyone and everything else I touch with deliberate action, to connect with my clients, and my global tribes. Sounds good, right?

What’s your word? And why is that word important to you?

Ever thought of having a make-over? I’ve been using many of the “re” words lately with my clients.






How would you fill in those blanks for yourself?

How about this?

RE-ignite your flames

RE-fuel your body

RE-define your dreams

RE-write your story

RE-invent your life!

Can you see yourself living with more abundance, changing and resetting your mindset and get rid of those old stories that keep holding you back? It’s like a real-life makeover! Damn!

Because that’s what I help you do when you choose me as your coach. To guide you to live rich and fertile, to nourish your body, heart, and soul, to fill yourself up with your own inspired action.

I work with real women who are ready to change their lives. I get shit done, no BS, but yet it’s still fun and sexy and delicious. Being a successful business owner and a lifetime fiery creative, I now help creative women re-ignite their fires and illuminate their passions, grow into their abundance on every level!

I recently had an amazing client, who was ready to make drastic changes in her life, and had them scheduled out for a year. But BAM… we made some changes and within three months she was a new woman, so happy, and learning how to manifest even more of what she wanted. Nothing makes me happier either…I love my work and I am like a proud mama when my clients achieve their dreams and live the life they knew they wanted and deserved.

So think about what you are wanting, what word or words stand out to you for this coming year? What are you desiring? Wanting to let go of? Wanting to have more of?

Am I calling your name?

If you are ready, let me off you a free Discover your Magical Mojo session! For January I have opened up time slots for five new clients! Yes! You! If you are ready and willing to do the work, let’s make those dreams come alive for you. In our 30-minute phone session, we’ll see if I can help you, and if we are a good match to work together. I believe everyone needs a coach, and we want to be a good fit to give you the most benefits in having a coach. It’s time for you now!

**So just click this link and schedule in that call with me. I’m excited to hear about what you are wanting. Working with me will give you the tools to change your life!

With so much love and excitement for this coming year,

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

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