Hello friends, I wrote part of this on FB the other day, but wanted to expand on it!

To be in a body that is able to move again is heaven! And a relief… after 6 months off from dancing and working out to recover from that back injury, I’m back in the saddle again! đź™‚ Listening to the body is so important…
The other day I got a bit of the stomach flu, and I had to stop and lie down, cancel an important video shoot, and rest! REST! all day, friends, wow, and it was illuminating. I guide my clients to listen and even I need to take my own advice.
Being able to get up and be refreshed and feel better is a joy. I did a series of yoga twists to help release more toxins from my body, went to the gym to sweat and soak, and to take time to meditate and find stillness and listen in, it’s all a part of what I do to start my days. To be mindful, to be present, to set my day up for success.
I do talk and teach about this with my clients and students. The daily rituals of self-care, that goes along with envisioning your desires. Steps to guide you on your path. To make those changes!

To Illuminate your path. To take care of yourself so you can live each day fully, with power, and be the badass that you are! That’s what I’m talking about.
Listening to your body and taking care of it. Yes! That’s what I did, and now I’m back to teaching 2 dance classes a week, plus running, working out, and yoga, besides throwing in some boot-scootin‘ on occasion! FEELS AWESOME! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me, and how much energy it gives me, and puts a smile on my face! Plus I get great connection with others when we dance together… and that is just yummy! That’s what lights me up.

Do you feel awesome? What are you doing every day that lights you up? Or not doing that you want to do?

Are you feeling good about what is going on with your body, your career, your money, your creativity, your passion ( I.e. love life, creative pursuits, relationships)?

Or what are you wanting to change? You know what I’m always saying…

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

Thoughts become words become things…Truly, and that starts with your thoughts, what you are dreaming, desiring, wishing to shift into. This might be quitting your job and delving into your creative pursuits and running your own businesses. I have helped several women clients leave the job that was sucking them dry to not only follow their dreams but make them happen, a bit of woo mixed in with the practical is what I call my coaching tools!

And you have to change your physical state. To invigorate yourself, your body, your energy. Know what I mean? You can’t sit on the couch and eat cake ( well, only during down times and celebrations!), you need to move it, shake it, dance it, feel it, feel your desires in your body, to EMBODY them. And that feels sooooo good. You are all connected, dear ones. Body, mind, and spirit!

Then, as you get revved up in your body, whether that be out for a power walk, a dance class, some yoga, kick boxing, what ever lights your spirit up--Illumination– that’s what I call it!– your inner thoughts translate to your words and what you are verbally saying, as well as writing them down ( gives way more clarity to get it out of your head and onto the page), and how you are believing in what you want, that it can happen, and then asking for it to come into your life. Super powerful stuff friends, and it works! Bam, things start to shift, change, as you open up to recieve, and allow the flow of your desires.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Expansion in all its glory! I’ll have that please!

As your transformational lifestyle and creativity coach, I can help! 
I’m offering you a free call with me to see what is next for you and if coaching with me is the ticket to more freedom, joy, prosperity, and fulfillment. Schedule that free Breakthrough to Your Magical Mojo call with me so we can get YOU on your calendar, and make those changes, take those steps- small steps or big leaps. 

One of my recent clients wrote:

“THIS is my amazing Life Coach. Sometimes when we have a mountain to climb or a cliff we need to jump off, or a path we need help illuminating, having a guide for the hard parts can make all the difference. I am a witness to that. One of the best decisions I made last year was hiring Paulette Rees-Denis. If you have been thinking about your need for support and expert guidance to get through a transition, I highly recommend Paulette!” PJ, painter, blogger, and art instructor

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

Click this link to get set up with me! I’d love to be your guide! Take a deep dive with me into your heart and body! I am offering you a 30-minute private coaching interview, my Breakthrough to Your Magical Mojo Discovery Session,  if you are ready to make some changes and commit to YOU.  I believe in living with everyday magic, the world is waiting for your amazing beauty and your powerful beingness…

Let’s talk!

with so much love for you!

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