Hello and welcome to my 50th episode of Heart and Hustle! Woo hoo… it's going so good and so strong, and I've got amazing women to share with you, biz women, dancers, creatives, all living life big and strong and beautiful!

I decided just today that I would share these next several delicious interviews with you, weekly for awhile, because I have a plethora of interviews finished and I can't wait to share them with you, why wait another 2 weeks?

Today, I bring you this amazing angel woman, Satya Lila, who talks about being cracked open and growing and passing through the grief of her boyfriend's death, transformation, envisioning and journeying, and how she has come to do the work she does today.She is all about finding the gift in the loss…

We pass through so many bits of conversations in our short interview, Satya talks about movement, and how, as we get older our movements get smaller and how she merges the body more with the spirit. I found we have some similarities as we are both women who DSOL–does lots of stuff! We pass through her transitions, and how as we continue to move on through grief, that there is a gift in every loss.

Such a beautiful conversation, and important to talk about too, I admire Satya so much. Enjoy our conversation and let me know what you think! Pass it on to any who might enjoy it too, and thank you for that.

Blessings to all of you for being here and see you soon,

More about Satya

– my website : satyalila.info

Tears That Cleanse: Here is your link for Satya's free gift for my H&H peeps!: https://mailchi.mp/satyalila/heart-and-hustle 

Another beautiful gift for you… a free phone conversation with Satya, if you are grieving and need some support, she is here for you! (for FREE!)

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