Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, Episode #51

with your tribal hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis,

and guest, Mary Baird-Wilcock —

CEO, Business Coach, Podcaster, Undercover Superhero

Photo: Richard Tilney-Bassett, https://theglasspassport.com/

Good day friend! What fun I had with this conversation, as I introduce you to Mary, in England via Texas, talking about following our true passions, and doing what brings us joy.

After sitting down in the middle of your floor crying with anxiety, falling into depression, what do you do for self-care?

How can Micro-moments get you out of your spiraling thoughts, what we need to do rise up, Mary and I touch on a vast variety of subjects with laughter and insight. We talk about asking for help, investment in your own growth, delegation and how not delegating is not sustainable. The beauty of growing a business and mentoring and spreading the love…She is doing amazing work with her company. And talk about a Vitamin D date with herself, I love this! Time for yourself friends…

Enjoy this fabulous 30-ish minute interview and let us know what you think!

Click here to watch our fun conversation!

Thanks for being here and part of my wild and wonderfully inspiring Heart and Hustle tribe and then some!


More about Mary!

Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP has one goal with her company…to help people simplify

their lives. With over 15+ years experience in running her own company, she coaches

creative entrepreneurs on how to simplify and optimize the operations side of their

small business, including sales mastery, shifting towards a thriving mindset and how

to do less to accomplish more. Ultimately, helping them become a hero.

Mary is the host of The Simplifiers Podcast, where she takes topics in business and in

life and SIMPLIFIES them. Her podcast has devoted listeners in 57 countries around

the world and is rapidly growing!

An international public speaker who’s been published in FORBES Magazine,

Huffington Post, MSN and featured as one of the “Top 25 Young Event Pros to Watch”

by Special Events Magazine. Mary is also on a mission to share the gospel of what a

Texas breakfast taco is all about.

Job title: CEO | Business Coach | Podcaster | Undercover Superhero

Instagram: @thesimplifiers

Twitter handle: @thesimplifiers

Website: www.thesimplifiers.com

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/thesimplifiers/


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