Hello beauty!

Are you ready to experience some new magic in your life? You are a magical woman and are ready for your next move, yes?

It’s time for your voice to be heard in a different way, to move your body and heart with your glorious and powerful presence, to highlight your desires and creations in a bigger, more badass way, to build that business into more prosperity for yourself.

AND to travel and gather with other like-minded women, creatives, entrepreneurs, spirit-seekers, and find adventures in other parts of the world. To have your eyes opened with new delights, cultures, foods, and fresh perspectives that sometimes you can only see when you get away from your everyday.

That is what this retreat is for! And FUN!

Create and Illuminate :: Illumination :: the Women’s Retreat to

San Miguel De Allende, Mexico!

YOU are invited to join our small gathering of women,

April 18th-21st!

Passports ready? Join us, with women from around the country and get that one-on-one time, with me, as well as some spectacular spiritual insights with my guest instructor, Theresa Pridemore

(from the Sovereign Spirit), and powerful group time for writing, discussion, masterminding, creating unstoppable visions, with feminine divine dancing and moving that body as well as your soul. Luscious time. And much more around the colorful art-filled town of San Miguel, town rituals, walks, shopping, and delcious spa-time

That is how we make magic, and make things happen for you!

**Think of this as 3 VIP days with me as your coach and guide, your passion inspirator…woohoo…

Click here to read more and see our proposed schedule

for our days together and check out your choices of colorful rooms to stay in at 

our  hotel–Casa De La Noche!

There are only a few spots left so it’s time to make your move! What all is possible for you? What is next? Let’s create it and set you up for pleasure and success and a great time!

Let us know if you have any questions! And I’ll see you in Mexico!

Register here now…

So fun,

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

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