Happy Thursday to you friend!

Every day this week I’ve been back to doing my Heart and Hustle Live, on facebook, but this time doing shorter talks, using words as jumping off points! I love the interaction with you all when you do join me and share the global conversation! Bits of inspiration and ideas, thought changing chats…I love being the instigator for change!

Today I’ll be doing another talk, with Desire being the topic. coming up soon, I hope you can join me at 12:3pm (PST)! If not you can always check in and listen to any of these later from my FB page or my Vimeo channel ( along with all the other Heart and Hustle interviews, and even some dance footage), here.

Monday we talked about what transformation is, and Tuesday was how we define Success, and yesterday we talked more about Gratitude, and I read a poem from my book, Breaking Down the Walls. Plus I gave you all a homework assignment! 🙂

I do love the word Transformation. 

What does that word mean to you? To me, it is all about change, and restructuring. That could pertain to your appearance, your body, your work, pleasure, spiritual connection, or lifestyle.

A metamorphosis! From the cocoon to the butterfly! A sight to behold, a thing of beauty, freedom in flight…

That’s what I lead my clients through, a metamorphosis! I call myself a Transformational Lifestyle and Creativity Coach. I work with women who want change, now. From feeling stuck to feeling free, moving through cycles and changes of life, and redefining what your new chapter can look like, will look like. Rewriting your story, and stepping up into it, with beauty and grace and power.

Transformation is a powerful thing. Full of magic, and that’s why I use the words, Movement, Momentum, and Magic!

If you are ready for a change, for a metamorphosis, I am offering you a free Breakthrough to your Magical Mojo session! That’s a 30 minute phone call with me to see if I can guide you on your path, and to see if coaching with me is what is right and next for you! It’s important that we can work well together and that I have the tools for you to move into that vision of newness, of freedom, of prosperity on all levels… Money, business, health, love, work, pleasure… You deserve it all my friend!

Let’s Talk… schedule that free call with me now, here!

If you are ready to dive in deep, unfold into your desires, move forward into your true self with ease, I’m here for you…

Schedule your Breakthrough to your Magical Mojo call with me now, it’s free! I’d love to talk with you about what you are desiring and how I can help! Click here to put yourself on your calendar with me!

Hope to see you soon, with gratitude…

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