Just wow! I get overwhelmed with awe and pride and just a freakin’ Hell Yeah when I look at our Gypsy Caravan dancers around the globe. They come together to dance, to share and support, to glow, to grow. Some are dancers, some are certified teachers, some are directors of small tribes. Others have studied long and hard to become my Master Teachers, and then on to Master Leadership. So they all guide you, the new dancers as well as the seasoned dancers, and all the others on the same paths we have all traveled. All in our own way and our own time. Inward journeys and outward travels. So that we can shine our light, to show beauty, to uplift, to create connection and community, for wellness and wholeness, body awareness, art and creation…to say just a little about our dance!

Some of us travel far and some work on the homefront. Some join in person, and some have been able to grow from our online courses. Yea for technology!

Soooo friend, there is lots going on over in GC land, and I want to make sure you know all about it, so you can join us in whatever way you desire.

The Caravan Project- 

check the updated web page and see all the happy faces!

Caravan Project Portland

Just look at how these amazing tribes are spreading around the world! Please visit our updated web pages to highlight the Caravan Projects around the world, led my qualified certified Gypsy C Teachers! Go here…

Caravan Project UK and Italia together!

We’ve got UK and around England and Scotland, Italy, Russia, all over Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and many around the USA!

The Tribal Connection

our NEW online membership program for you– dancers, bellydancers, tribal-inspired… join us!

***Don’t miss out…Next opportunity to join us will be April 1, 2019, registration will re-open March 9th! Join here…

What are some of the dancers saying about this program so far?

ES, says “great video Nina thank you ? and what a beautiful dance space you have must be lovely to be surrounded by such beautiful sights and sounds really enjoyed virtually dancing with you this morning… I’m excited for what the future brings and I’m loving being part of this amazing community and connecting with all you gorgeous dancers. “

CB writes: “Thanks for the lovely video Nina Martinez! It was great to watch and see you in your fabulous dance space temple ? the added extras for me was hearing Australian bird calls, mosquito wave and the climate contrast …loved it ?”

AP writes, “I am really enjoying these online courses !”

NBS says, “It’s so Amazing to hear the voices that “connect” us with the pictures and dance videos. It’s all becoming much more personal and “connected “. “

We’ve danced and drilled and done some hardcore workouts, We’ve talked about our GC Tribal Tree and the history of our dance. Next up is all about dance books and poetry!!! We are having so much fun joining tribes and dancers around the globe, drilling, dancing, chatting it up! Hope you can join us for April! YOu can join quarterly or yearly…

Teacher Training Level 2 Starting soon! February 23rd! Register now, here...

Step up into your dance and your dreams… Show up, level up, take pride in your work and continue on your path! Collective Soul and Teacher Training Level Three to follow…

Tribal Quest Summit in Hawaii! YAAASSSS!!!

Join Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan for Tribal Bellydance at the 2109 Tribal Quest Summit in Hawaii! Click here…

Weekend Package, October 18-20, includes 15 hours of Dance Workshops (Technique & Transitions, Zills & Drills, Skirts, Baskets, Indian Styling, New Moves, and Hawaiian Hula) plus Welcome Pool Party, Hafla Show, Polynesian Luau Show. Drumming and live music. Plus opportunities for in person Teacher Training and Collective Soul Intensives. Join us for Drinks, Dinners, Tours and Activities at additional charge.

Get registered and get your deposits in… for one- and two-day intensives: Tribal Grooves Instructor, Collective Soul and Teacher Training, October 16-24. Click here…


Tribal Grooves Teacher Training Online, coming soon!!!

Yes, Finally! This month… So many of you have asked me for this… for those who can’t travel to study in person, I love my online classes… and looking forward to having more Tribal Grooves teachers, and classes popping up around the globe… Such a great workout class–Divine Feminine Fitness! If you are ready to add more alternatives to your dance teaching,, in person is also offered at the Hawaiian Summit! Watch here for updates… 

Have you read our Gypsy Caravan Manifesto? Click here to download and read!

Click here to download and read our 4th Tribal Dancer’s Anthology

lright love, lots going on, and so good. I love to see the growth, the collaboration, the co-creation, the magic and the love…

Thanks for being here… let us know if we can answer any questions or share your comments with us!

This Thursday Feb. 7th, 6 pm…
Join Theresa Pridemore and myself LIVE!

It’s easy, make sure you have Zoom (it’s free) and join us at 6PM (PST). Here is a time converter to find out what time that is where you live, friend! https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Pass this on to anyone you think would enjoy coming with us! thanks for sharing us with your tribe!

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