Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers  Episode #53  with your Tribal Hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis, 

and guest, MaryAnn McNulty,

Business Strategist and Coach, Superpowers for Solopreneurs

Don’t you get excited to meet new people? People who rock your world, who inspire you, you uplift you to be a better you? I get so excited to talk with all these different women, business owners, coaches, artists, dancers who are stepping up into their power and their expertise. I love bringing you people who inspire me, who are doing great work in the world, living their dreams, creating some sort of beauty in work and pleasure.

Meet MaryAnn! In this interview, we talk about superpowers, her superpowers, and acknowledging our vulnerability as business owners, knowing what our expertise is, changing our money mindset, and how we can and need to reach out for guidance.

Curiosity, curiosity, and making today the best day of your life… such a great conversation we have. How we see others and what we do for ourselves. Totally inspiring… I hope it inspires you too.

So many great interviews over the last 2 years… wow! And some more great ones to come… stay tuned. Share this with anyone who would enjoy it. I love to expand the tribe. Thanks for being here, my friend, and for being part of my wild and wonderfully inspiring Heart and Hustle tribe!


More about MaryAnn

I see what’s standing between most coaches and the kind of income they want to create with their coaching. It’s the overwhelm of being a solopreneur. It’s the easy access to way too much information about business and marketing. It’s the inability to determine which pieces of information matter, and which strategies are a fit for you.

And finally, it’s getting the right support to implement your strategy, once you find it. Because no one builds a successful business alone. Not even me. Not even you.

I know first hand how hard it can be to start a business out of thin air and make it grow. It took me time to get it right, but I have learned what works. And I now teach coaches like you my proven system for starting and growing a thriving business.

MaryAnn McNulty, MBA
SuperPowers for Solopreneurs
781.248.9676 | connect@maryannmcnulty.com www.maryannmcnulty.com


What’s coming up?

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