To Make a Change

To Make a Change

Hello lovey!

I see this “thing” so often today. As many women are rising up, being seen more, taking their power back, and making more and deeper connections, I see other women almost paralyzed with indecisions, feeling stuck, in a rut, or the other side of that, moving so fast they don’t know how to get off the whirlygig which is taking them nowhere.

Fear of change…Fear to be seen… fear to do that thing…

Is it fear of the unknown, fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, fear of not enough money?

How often do you let fear stand in your way?

What if you turned that fear upside down, what would be the opposite for you? Stepping into excitement, breaking down the walls into something glorious, busting through the glass ceiling, and living to the highest of your potential!

What if you were feeling so good? Living to your highest potential, in all aspects, physically, emotionally, financially, sexually, spiritually. Being totally connected and turned on. Being so excited to get out of bed every morning and take on your day. From loving your body and feeling great in your skin, to wearing clothes that made you feel like the queen that you are, to loving your everyday work, living your purpose, creating eveyday magic, to enjoying the financial abundance that continues to flow.

Is that possible? You know it is! Can you feel it? When you ask yourself that question, is it possible? Do you feel a tingle through your body, do you feel your heart race a bit faster when you think about your possibilities.

What is stopping you from all of that? Your mindset. The way you are thinking about yourself. Not believing in yourself and your dreams. Not being able to stop and really envision what you are wanting. Does that sound familiar?

What would it be like to change those patterns? Gain clarity in your vision. Get out of the overwhelm of distractions. Drop those old limiting beliefs on their heads so you can see what is possible.

What would you desire? What would you change? What do you want? Do you know? Would you take that risk? Think about this, what is the worst thing that could happen if you stepped out of your comfort zone?

You see, I’ve been in that position, that state of unrest, confusion, not sure how I would bring all my desires into one vision that would work for me. I’ve always been the little rebel, wanting to do things my way, not wanting help from anyone, like the 13-year-old girl that knows everything there is to know!  But not being 13 anymore! Ha… and I wasn’t getting very far on my own.

I’ve always had creative visions for what I wanted to do, what I wanted to learn and experience. I knew in my heart and gut and soul, I was to be a teacher, a creator, a leader, an instigator, rebel and all. I knew I was different, and believed that we all are unique. So there had to be a way. I actually had no fear, I would go after anything I wanted. But I did not know how to bring all those delicious ideas and visions into some sort of actionable steps to make them work for me, to make a living doing what I loved and believed in, to help me build my own financial and life abundance.

Are you a little rebellious too? Asking for help, studying, getting guidance, are first steps. I put my money on myself to make those changes. Time to invest, or shut up and suffer. Whoa… no way baby…I was in for the long haul, ready to finally get the guidance and support I needed. For work, my businesses, my pleasure, my connections. And bam…once you make a decision, you gain momentum. You know, like taking that first step.

Changing your mindset about what you can actually have and do is imperative. Gaining clarity, and then getting actionable steps to start and continue. And yes, that is asking for help, from someone who knows, who can see what is possible, who believes in you and has your back, who can help you re-build your vision and can give you the tools for change. To make your change!

Be a possibilitarian!

This is you, taking care of yourself and your dreams. This is you investing in yourself, in so many ways.

I believe in you. And that’s why you are here!

This is what I help you with as your transformational lifestyle and creativity coach. Add in self-care, business skills, time management, and Mapping transitions. Making your Magic Action Plan come to life!


Two opportunities coming up for you and me to work together…

  1. One-on-one time with me with my 3-month coaching package. Movement, Momentum, and Magic. Time to get you movin’ and groovin’, envisioning all you desire and how to make that happen. Step into your abundance, make a move!

Wonder what that looks like for you? Schedule a Discovery Call with me, a Breakthrough to your Magical Mojo, is what I call it, so we can dive in and see what you are wanting, what your magic is, and if I can help guide you!

I have late morning and afternoon openings for you,  on

Tuesday February 19th,

Friday February 22,

Thursday, Feb. 28

And more after March 2nd!

Schedule that call now and let’s do this for you!


If you are ready to dive in deep, make some quick dynamic changes and get fired up while on a women’s retreat?

Imagine spending 3 VIP days with me in beautiful San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, on a powerful women’s retreat.

3 + days of YOU, envisioning, creating, planning, getting clarity and actionable steps…and having a great adventure!

2. Illumination, the retreat! Create and Illuminate…

to light up your life, to light a fire underneath you, to own your passions and desires! And an adventure too… art, color, food, spas, town rituals, making magic, alongside your powerhouse inspired women also making those changes, plus add in the Sovereign Spirit genius of Theresa Pridemore, co-facilitating alongside me, and bam, make things happen.

Read more here, and book that space for you to join us, here…

Make that change. You are worth it. Now is your time…

And I wish may you be well,

May you be healthy,

May you be all you desire…

So much love for you, and the changes to come…

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