Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with your

Tribal Hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis

with guest dancer, yogi, and healer, Heather Shoopman, Episode #58

I first met Heather years ago when I was judging a competition (which I will never do again). The best part of that experience for me was that I got to watch Heather dance and meet her, and voter her best tribal dancer, which has been a long distance crush and joy ever since. She remembers coming to one of my Tribal Trance classes in California before that…Then I saw her dance in blue jeans at a Tribal Fest, and was blown away, not only by her technique and joy on stage, but her audacity to dance in jeans when the rest of the dancers where costumed up with as much glitter and jewelry as possible, and she was great!


I realized that we were on a similar path back a year or so when we reconnected again over my Heart and Hustle Facebook Lives (which are now back on Tuesdays, 10am!)… As you know I love diving into women’s work and motives and projects, how they are living and fulfilling their passions, and what they are bringing to the world. Bam…along comes Heather rocking her world, and mine…

So delighted for you to meet her… We talk about what she calls herself, a self-care specialist! Using many methods of healing, from the physical connections, with dance and yoga, to energetic work using Reiki, and to using the healing modalities of the vibrating capacity of sound-using singing bowls and chimes and voice.

We talk about words, like using the word Crone, or Witch…and embracing them; using dance and writing and picture as LIfe Art, exploratory movement. Plus yoga, into the stillness and connection, of course, I ask about her daily self-care rituals, and oh, so much more juiciness.

Enjoy our conversation, watch here…


Let us know what you think of our talk, and if you have any questions, do let us know…






Check out more of Heather, creator of The Stillness.

My work honors nature, magic, the wisdom of the body and truth of the soul by cultivating deeper connection with these things.

I create spaces for dance, sounds, meditation, reiki and yoga. I work with the physical and energetic bodies to cultivate love & connection. My mission is to help as many people as possible engage more deeply with themselves and the world around them. I shine the light on personal ritual and self-care, sharing tools that work for me and stories from my heart. I  believe our power to heal lies within.

I feel our connection to the elements, the animals and the plants is of utmost importance for the well being of all. Time spent outside with creatures of the earth is quite healing for the planet and all of its species.

Magic to me is belief in unseen forces, the direction of energy and the power of ritual. It is a collaboration with spirit world and a decision to live & die mindfully.

The body had long held my fascination. It’s ability to store & process information, hold beliefs and ideas and sometimes transform due to these and communicate needs are all qualities that led me here, to the place of having this giant toolbox to tinker away at my well being.


her online community with many free offerings here: https://www.patreon.com/PortaltoSelfLove


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