Happy spring on my side of the planet! and that would mean Happy Fall to those down under!

There is so much happening in the dance world, so much excitement, so much newness, so much dance growth opportunities for you! I know it’s hard to choose sometimes, so I just say do it all! 🙂

Seriously, decide on where you are in your dance and career and what are your dreams? Are you teaching? Ready to step up into the next level? Adding a workout dance feminine fitness class? Are you wanting more online classes and that amazing global connection, on a monthly basis? Ready for an exotic dance retreat to Hawaii? We’ve got it all going on! Woo hoo… Read on and get your tribal on with us… It is so fun and so special to be making more classes and opportunities available to you, on all levels. Plus working with all the GC Master Teachers, and how they get to share their expertise and knowledge and passion with you is super cool! Right?

So, first, Tribal Grooves Teacher Training Online! March 30th!!! Next week…jump on in and get certified to teach this groovin’ variation on GC Tribal… think bellydance fitness instead of zumba… yummy! Got to love our women’s bodies!

Wowza… first time I’ve offered it online…it’s always been in person and so many of you have asked for it to be online because you can’t travel to us ( although it will be offered in person at our Tribal Quest Summit in Hawaii in October!).

I am so proud and continuously excited by the growth of this stylized form of Divine Feminine Fitness, using Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance, plus all the certified teachers around the world spreading the Tribal Grooves love… This is for you if you are self-motivated, want to teach, love working out, dancing hard, and having a great time, plus get your teaching skills and business pumped up…

This involves some videos with me, and I talk you through class structures, business ideas, warm-ups and dance skills, and choreographies that are so fun! You get a library with a plethora of choreos to pick and use, plus something new every month to add to your classes or your business! You must work through these at your own speed, but I suggest you take 5 hours to go through it all and drill along with me so you can learn 4 of the dances and workouts, then videotape yourself and send it back to me within the week. Yes, dedication and commitment, plus the desire to step up big into your role as a dance teacher and businesswoman! How does that sound?

Plus you get into our private group of global teachers so you can chat it up, share songs, and ideas, and get or give advice too! I want you to succeed as a businesswoman as well as an instructor… this style is going places! Read more here…

And get together once a year at our global summit! so good…

Register now, HERE, starts March 30th for one week!!! So exciting…


And the next up is the Tribal Connection!

Another amazing program that has started up this year… it is our membership program, a place for monthly online classes and drills and zoom chats with your dancing sisters around the world, with ideas about zilling and head wraps and dance books to read and dance dreams to journal about!

The Tribal Connection… we’ve been having so much fun, working our bodies, talking with our global dancers, reviewing and learning about zils and new steps and variations, and drilling… You can join quarterly, and now is the time for April

..no matter what level of dancer you are, join our tribe and feel the love and connection that this dance brings… now open for registration, for April 1st start date, quarterly or yearly… Click here…


and then, friends, the SUMMIT!!!

Tribal Quest Summit in Hawaii, this October! Click here…

Yes, I’m yelling, whoa… our yearly gathering, a dance festival in different locations every year, so we really get to travel around the globe and meet all our sisters in other countries and dance with them, learn from them, and create MAGIC!!! There is early bird pricing now through April 10th, so if you’ve been thinking about it, don’t delay! This is an amazing experience and this year there are soooooo many great offerings, workshops, certification courses, teacher training, haflas, drumming, plus the beauty and splendor of Hawaii and beach time! That’s what I”m talking about! Plus bring the family and stay for extra vacation time… not to be missed!

go here to read more… and sign up now for the discounted pricing!

Which ones are you excited about? Or all of them??!!

Thank you for being here on the journey, your journey, and our journey together!

Ok loves… make sure to check out all the happenings coming this month and this year…

Heart and Hustle Live, with me, now every Tuesday, at 10 am...here on FB


Illumination the Women’s Create and Illuminate Retreat to Mexico is open again for the few that wanted to come and weren’t sure… Now is your time!

Click here to read more and get registered

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