Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with your

Tribal Hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis

with guest, dancer and healer, Amel Tafsout, Episode #61

What a beautiful colorful talented woman! Welcome, my friends, to Heart and Hustle, with today’s guest, Amel Tafsout!

Join us as we laugh and talk about being women who DLOS…does lots of shit! Multi-passionate, Amel travels the world to teach dance, her style based on her roots being from Algeria. She is deeply spiritual and incorporates healing work while she continues to perform and teach and travel. Amel is excited about continuing her path to help and guide women, with her soul purpose and the soul connection with others!

We talk about not being perfect, about getting older and wiser. And you gotta love these colorful photos!

Watch here…

Let us know what you think, friends, and enjoy…

More About Amel:

Born in Algeria, Amel Tafsout (meaning ‘Hopes of Spring’) is a charismatic international first source master dance artist, choreographer of North African Maghreb dance; a language and dance instructor, a frame drummer& singer, a socio-linguist & anthropologist and an energy worker.

She is one of the finest exponents of North African tradition and contemporary Maghreb Dance of our time and has mesmerized audiences worldwide. With a research in dance anthropology and a long training in various healing practice, Tafsout’s knowledge of her culture and her experience in many dance styles and music make her very unique.

She has dedicated her life not only to make her dance culture known but also to build a bridge between East and West in order to create a dialogue of communication and understanding in weaving the beauty and strength of Arab-North African women. Amel is very proud of her heritage and is committed in preserving her dance tradition while incorporating her own dance experience and spiritual development.

Thank you, friends, for being here. I am delighted to continue bringing you women who are making change in the world! 



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