Heart and Hustle with guest emotional eating guide, Shari Broder, Episode #57

Heart and Hustle: Visonary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with your tribal hostess, Paulette Rees-Denis

with guest tribal dancer, Shay Moore, Episode #61

A long time ago, like really, way back in early tribal bellydance land, I was asked to come to Seattle from Portland on many occasions to teach dance workshops for a beginning dancer Sharon Moore and her small but growing tribe. Small workshops, in houses and studios, built momentum and I would go every month for while.

Sharon was leading her dancers in my style of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (R), and would mix and match a bit as her dance evolved. She then would travel to Portland to study and dance with me and the GC clan, and she even began sewing some costumes for us, as well as developing her costume line of goods. We would go up to Seattle and perform at places like the small but fabulous Pink Door restaurant, to big festivals like Folklife and Bumbershoot. Very exciting times for GC, and her troupe would come to Portland to perform at my festival, Tribal Quest NorthWest ( 6 years in the running) and at my weekend retreats I held at Breitenbush Hot Springs.

She became my first certified GC teacher outside of my own clan (which was scary and mind blowing for me) and it was so exciting to watch her grow and thrive as a dancer and teacher and troupe director… and fast forward to now, she has opened up her own dance and healing studio in Seattle–Deep Roots Dance! How freakin’ cool is that?

Now, many years later, we’ve both gone through loves and successes, as well as pains and heartaches, with intensely amazing growth opportunities. We don’t see each other like we used to, but we still have that strong bond of heart and soul.

I’m incredibly proud of her. And I’m honored to bring her to YOU, my H&H friends, to meet her and listen to some of our thoughts and stories!

Have a watch and a listen and enjoy my friends…


Let us know if you have any comments or questions…

More about Shay:

Deep Roots Dance Director Shay Moore has been teaching and performing bellydance in Seattle and around the nation since 1999.  Shay believes in an integrated approach to learning, developing both mind and body through strong foundations, promoting a “take your time” approach to learning and growing in the dance.

Shay was the first instructor to receive dual teaching certifications in both the Gypsy Caravan and FatChance Bellydance ATS® formats– formats and philosophies which she continues to integrate in her work to this day. She has had the honor of being hosted as a featured instructor and performer at some of the largest tribal bellydance festivals in the world, including Tribal Fest, Tribal Quest Northwest, Tribal Revolution, and 3rd Coast Tribal. In 2017 she fulfilled a long-time dream of opening her own studio, Studio Deep Roots, which hosts a community of talented dancers, musicians, and healers under one roof.

Learn more about Shay and her work at www.DeepRootsDance.com and www.StudioDeepRoots.com

Deep Roots Dance

Thank you , as always, my global tribe, for sharing, listening, supporting, and mostly for being the amazing you that you are in the world!

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