After spending the last five days in Mexico, leading my Illumination Retreat, I am packing to fly home today and reflecting on the long weekend.

Spending time with these creative women was amazing… as they are stepping into their fullness, their ripeness, rich with desires and possibilities, and then helping them get their actionable steps toward their dreams and goals. That is what I’m talking about, friends. Taking action, doing it, being accountable, making the decision to make their desires happen. Stepping into their businesses with excitement because they have gotten new tools, more clarity, time for more self-care, while pushing out of their comfort zone and getting back into their bodies! Plus a great adventure in another country, lots of visual inspiration, new experiences, great food, and the intimate community of the others who are doing it too! I’m excited to already be planning another retreat like this again next year.

That is what my work is all about. Helping you step into your light, showing you tools to follow your path, gain clarity and see what is possible!

Change your words, change your story, change your life!

That your dreams ARE possible, and that your work and your life can be full of joy and opportunities!

And that’s why I run my Illumination: The Mastermind… Elevate and Illuminate, once a year… imagine 3 months of beautiful focus and clarity on what you are dreaming, desiring, building… new career, more money, the possibilites of fulfilling those dreams you’ve been putting on the back burner. Are you putting you on hold?

Now is your time!

Sometimes your light needs some help to shine brighter and fuller. You know what I mean? Have you felt that? Like someone hit the dimmer on you? Like you can’t quite see what’s in front of you, which path to take, which switch to pump up?

How would you like to change that? Emotionally, financially, physically, mentally, spiritually? All of that! To move forward with intention, with a clearer vision, with momentum to step into what you’ve been wanting, desiring to let go of those old stories, to change up those words and rewrite your story, to redefine your sexy powerful feminine self?

To dance with your desires! And do this with a circle of other women, moving into their power, elevating themselves and their desires and actually get them happening? Woohoo… I invite you to MAKE YOUR MOVE! Are you feeling it? Getting chills thinking about what it could be for you?

What all is possible?


Reserve your spot now, take the leap for yourself!


If this is what you are wanting now, I full heartedly invite you to join us. Register here…

And do let me know if you have any questions on whether this is the right step for you now! Let’s make this happen…

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