Hello loves…

I have returned this week from leading a women’s retreat in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico… wow. Just freakin’ wow!

A long weekend, in such a lively, inspired, colorful, art-filled town. Seriously colorful! Like bright purple walls, mural everywhere. We danced, we wrote, we meditated, we made art, we walked, alot!

Over Easter weekend, too, with processions, and town gatherings, lots of art exhibits, and we found a vegan restaurant that I went to 3 days in a row, so freakin’ good! Whoa…

But the magic we created together, individually and as we connected as a circle of powerful visionary women, was pure magic. Inspiration, spirit connected, art making, envisioning and future-tripping. The world is ours.

The big question here is how to re-integrate what you have learned about yourself, and your business, and yourself, into our everyday life once you return home… have you ever been in that place, receiving some tools for growth but not knowing how to continue to use them or what to do next!

There are tools, yes, that I teach you, to set up each day for success. To keep the vision alive, the dreams unfolding, the momentum continuing and growing. Daily activities, self-care, and new habits, engage that process of desire. And to stay the course.

The biggest thing though, is your desire, and your belief in yourself and your vision. Knowing with all your heart and soul that is what will make you happy, will fulfill you, what gives you reason. Purpose driven. To feel great and live large. You are the only one to make that decision. It is your choice.

When I work with my clients, my desire is to give as much as possible for your continued growth and possibilities. But the work, the ideas, don’t stop there. We all need support, assistance, a different vision, an outsider’s perspective and vision as well, , to keep us going on! Know what I mean?

That is what a coach helps us do. Yes, even myself, as a coach, has a mentor or three, to help me stay on track, get a perspective that I don’t usually have on my own work.

Know what it’s like to have someone say something about what you are doing that you did not even consider? Take that to the nth degree when you have a coach to support you, to guide you, to often kick your booty into forward momentum, to make sure you stay on track. You, who are ready to step into the next level, to make more money, to build that dream job, to change all those old stories and patterns that are SO NOT serving you. We all need someone to lean on, to help us envision our possibilities.

A client writes: “Paulette is an amazingly strong and compassionate person who has opened her heart to the world to make the world a better place and to make you the best you can be. She is a gift that you are worthy of. Just be in allowance!”

Years ago, when I started building my global dance empire, there was noone to support me, friend yes, but mentors, no, that I knew of. Back before computers! 🙂  I would write my own book, do things my way, asking for direction perhaps, but moving forward with however I could. Trusting in my skills and my intuition, but making lots of mistakes. Now, it’s easier, to trust and find someone who has come before, who knows what’s needed, who has the vision and the skills. To find someone who gets you and your dreams.

Like I say about my work, I mix the woo with the practical. Now, I give my dancers and teachers and clients ample opportunity to get guidance, coaching, self-care techniques, support and along with a bit of whip-ass too. I believe in going full-on!

Life is for living, dreams are meant to be fulfilled, and action is required and can be so freakin’ fun and amazing…if you allow yourself to gather what you desire.

My coach, Tony Robbins, says…”If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible. But if you schedule it, it’s real.”

And every human needs support and guidance! That feels so good to know that someone has your back, that someone listens to every word you say, and watches all your moves, and has tools, advice, and wisdom for you to make a difference!

Don’t you want to make a difference?

If that is a Hell Yeah…

Then I have 2 ways to work with me right now, as your movement motivator and your passion instigator… And you have to be ready, willing, and able, now, to step up, no, to leap up, into those desires and visions…

  1. Let’s work together, one on one, for at least 3 months… Get on Track!

https://www.paulettereesdenis.com/coaching/, and get you to your upper level of awesome… what would it be like to make more money, to leave that job that sucks you dry, to make the art, to write the book, to have the bod you crave, to share the love you have with someone super special, to shine your light on all you do? Click here…

     2, Join my Illumination Mastermind starting May 22… for 3 months, and be part of the intimate gathering of  strong, entrepreneurial women, who are ready to make a change, to get the community connection of like-minded powerhouses ( badasses) and make a difference… and again shine your light on all you do…  click here to read more…

Another client says, “Many thanks for a bellyfull of inspiration and for sharing with me the specific tools needed to take my life to another level of magical living, one that I’ve not fully tapped into.”

Hell yeah…Now is your time friends! Stop wasting your precious time, get off the couch, quit with the old stories, loose  what is holding you back… let your journey unfold, allow yourself to start living full on, leaping into the unknown, but also stepping lightly into what can be. Small or large steps, little or huge dreams, they are real, they are yours.

Paulette challenged me to examine my life and to take loving control of it again.  I am rediscovering my passions and dreams. They now feel real and obtainable!”

So now, allow the integration, the unfoldling. Make each day count. Focus. Stay with it. Set yourself up for success. Get your support system in place, create and desire and dream and then, take the action! I know you can do it.

So friends, peeps, creatives, dreamers, dancers, clients, teachers, coaches, healers, all of you… let me just say…I love you… I am so grateful for you, and I want to hold you up, to light you up, to listen, to share with, to guide, to partner up, to dance with, to teach, to learn from, to commune with…


You are here to do your work, to share your love, so surround yourself with those who lift you up, who believe in you… I DO!!..that’s why you are here…you can do those things you desire, you can make those changes, you can rewrite your story, and live your life to the fullest! And now is the time to see what lies ready for you… because you are a possibilitarian…

Make the choice… let’s talk…I’d love to see what you are desiring and if working wiih me is a good fit for us…so

make an appointment with me for a free consult, Your free Breakthrough to your Magic Mojo — Discovery Session with me! Our 30 minute call!,  

to see if one on one work , https://www.paulettereesdenis.com/coaching/

or if joining the circle of creatives for Illumination the Mastermind is making your skin tingle and your heart beat a little faster!

I know you are ready…

With gratitude,

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