It’s so good to know that you aren’t alone. That there are others out there wanting to make a change! And I know I don’t want to figure out things on my own. What about you?

I can be a stubborn woman,oh yes, I can. There have been times when no one could tell me anything! Ha, Rebel all the way. Radical, rebel, subcultural artist, impatient, stubborn, oh I thought I was so cool. I was going to figure it out and do it all on my own. And often I did. It may have take a lot longer than I wanted it to, I may have made a lot of mistakes along the way. I may not have take proper care of myself, my body, my soul, my psyche. But damn it, I was so stubborn, you could not tell me anything. Like when I was a kid, and my parents would try to tell me something to help me. Oh no, I’ll do it myself, thank you very much! I used to take pride in how independent I was! I may have created a lot of work in my life, I learned, but learned the harder way. You don’t have to do that.

I have started successful businesses, written books, traveled around the globe, started more businesses, built a dance empire, developed trademarked styles, lived lots of dreams…oh I could go on. But let me tell you, even though I did trust my intuition and my vision, I still took a harder road, I took longer than needed. I also burnt out and dropped things, including my own health and well being, getting caught in ruts and bouts of depression and unhappiness as well.

Bam!  Let’s fast forward. When I finally felt DONE, and decided to take some chances, when I listened to my heart and soul, and I knew it was time to re-invest in myself, or stay stuck where I was. That’s is when things changed for me. I asked for help, peeps! I wanted to change my story, to make more money, to do more work that I loved that left me pride full, fulfilled, and wealthier too. Doing more of my purpose. But learning the skills to grow and change and get where I wanted to go faster and with better direction. Because I asked for help! Joined groups, got several coaches, changed my thoughts, meditated, got more clarity about what I did and did not want any more.

I asked for help! To grow, friends, not to feel vulnerable, although at first that was sure how I felt. To say I could not do this on my own, or let me rephrase that, I did not want to try to figure it out anymore. I had done that for too many years. A feeling of vulnerability, not failure, just being human…


So what is it you are wanting? To add into your life, to change, to rewrite? To get the results you want… and let go of what is not working? Are you ready to release those lists of things that are holding you down? How would you like more focus? More clarity? And learn actionable steps to take, get back into your body and your heart and soul… plus have fun while you are moving forward!

Why not work with someone who has already done it, who has the knowledge and tools and heart-filled desire to help you?

Now just may be your time, too. To ask for guidance from someone who knows, who has been there, who you trust, who has the tools and skills, who can be loving and gentle but also kick some booty. Who can lead you forward, to more happiness, pleasure, wealth consciousness, and more fulfillment. To feel great about living every day, with magic and passion and purpose!

Woo hoo…get some momentum and take action, for you…good intentions, transformation, Movement, momentum, and magic… oh so good.

And how do you do this? I’m asking you to work with me, friend! As your coach and mentor. My purpose is to guide you to that place of your dreams and desires, so you too, can feel the change, make the change, make a difference.

Feel the change, make the change, make a difference.

You can do it on your own too, perhaps, or invest in yourself and your time to get moving now!

How does this work? Having me as your coach?

First, let’s schedule a phone chat to see if we are a good fit and I can give you what you are wanting. I call this my Breakthrough to your Magical Mojo session…This is a free call, and if I can’t help you than I can give you other recommendations. We have to want to work together and I want you to be ready to leap big into your desires! And there is no obligation at all to work with me from this call. I’m curious as to what you are wanting and to see if I can help.

So schedule that call here…

Then if we decide that working with me is the CHANGE you want NOW, we can choose which of my packages will work best for you…

**My 3 month, Get On Track, coaching package…read more of that here…

**Or my group Illumination- Elevate and Illuminate–Mastermind starting in May… read more of that here…

You may even want my Laser Focus Session… if you are jonesing to take some serious charge and ready for fast action… read more here…

But let’s talk and see where you are and what I can do to guide you to more happiness, wealth, and clarity with action!

Make that Breakthrough to your Magical Mojo free call now… here…and see what is next for you, because YOU ARE READY FOR A CHANGE!

Your choice, your decision to move forward!

And I so believe in you…

With love,

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