Today on my Heart and Hustle Live ( on Facebook), I talked about Emerging, Spring, and re-emerging! What are you emerging from? And ready for? Are you meandering, checking things out? Are you spring cleaning? Are you feeling like seasoned roots or newly planted seeds?

It was an inspired conversation and I so love when the audience participates with comments of inspirations and questions. Click here if you haven’t seen today’s show.

Yesterday I wrote a new piece of poetry, a life-short as I call my poems. And in the process of writing this one, called Emerging, I looked up one of my last pieces, which I realized I wrote a little over a year ago, also at springtime. Since that time last spring, I’ve only written a few pieces all year. What? Why only a few? It was like the words were used up inside me.

Before that time I was a poetry machine. The words flowed through my body in a waterfall of pictures. I published my poetry book ( Breaking Down the Walls ) back at the first of last year. I came out as a poet the previous year! I wrote often, plus my journaling and blogging.

This is Spring, which I wrote last March, 2018…

Spring …Paulette Rees-Denis 3/6/18

Being born, from the womb of dirt and rock

The freshness in the air, coming alive,

Oh my god, I feel the dew

The juice from the womb

And the bursting open is the rising up,

Taking a stand, as if picketing for the sun

Back not so long ago, the planting seeds of dreams,

My dreams

Uncovering and being connected to the earth

Digging in the soil to unfurl

Like the fern, unrolling,

like the pod popping open,

the shell cracking from the pecking

The desire for making space and

To take up space

To know the importance of what I want

Only me, mine, special it is

As in the growth that is coming

The expansion of that vision

The role playing uniqueness of one, and then

The naming

Oh for so much clarity to come through

The belief in the vision

The pounding of the wanting

You know, when you feel it in your chest

And your heart beating so fast and

You know, finally, that you do know

Wanting that self-sufficiency

To be fed from my own hands

To grow from the garden, within

To the forefront, to be seen and loved and

Ah, so beautiful and delicious

That abundance of living

Water flowing, from a trickle to a waterfall

Producing the drips and the drops and the blast of intention



Then showing up and showing face,

no apologies, with the follow through,

Because I can, still

growing stronger, from being fertile,

feeling the power of the conception

To the inception

weeding out the unwanted

Feeling for the flourishing, the nourishing

The nurturing of the desires

uncovering and being connected

To what is calling me, from me


And then last spring I hurt my back, bad. And the writing stopped. The pain was devastating and scary, and I needed to stop being a machine, or the Eveready bunny ( as some dancers called me). I don’t want to go into the pain stuff, but know that I had to switch gears and slow down into a quieter mode, quit teaching and dancing for 6 months, and take time to just be, to heal, to figure out how to heal, with reflection, but also a lot of just being. Present. And digesting. And investigating. Myself.

Bam… sometimes you just gotta stop or your body will make you. This was not the first time I’ve worn myself down, but this for sure was the most serious, the scariest, and the most painful.

Coming out of that, wow, so glad to have my body back and so happy to get back to working out, dancing, running. Damn, the weakened thighs were frustrating me, but I could do this. I kicked into gear to rebuild softened  muscle and stretch out this body… how quickly one can get out of shape, which can also be depressing. But then, you know how it feels to feel better? Kinda like wonder woman? I wanted to jump on the fast train.

Then life, again, my father in law passed away, and my mother fell and went into the hospital at the same time, so across country flights a few times, shifting gears as you do. Add a few other life events. Blah, blah, blah.  Life interupptus.

And, boom shaka, there I go down again, this time with a cold, sore throat, no voice thing recurring for 6 months. WTF? Now what? I had things to do, people. I don’t get sick often, but obviously, when I do, it is knock-me-down-and-kick-me until I stop. And I thought I take such great care of myself. And I preach self-care!

Obviously, I still needed to stop and listen, rest, and ask my body, and also my heart and soul what it wanted me to know and do and change. True, this cold thing was going around and I wasn’t the only one who got so sick, but I do believe that I had to shift something in my life. My body was telling me to listen up, chica.

Meanwhile, the words stopped flowing, as I did. I found myself throughout this last year in a sort of low tide kind of time. Still working, still producing, showing up. But not in a robust kind of “Paulette’ way, to not do the work so much, wanting to hibernate more, and wondering where ‘I’ was. Or where did I go? Which leads me on a whole other level of detective work on myself!

I find it intriguing that the words began to show their shapes and faces back to me, as I was called to write this piece the other day. I am feeling into the springtime as I watch my garden explode with the plethora of colorful peonies and roses and intoxicating gladiolas and sweet columbine, while my hummingbird friend sings to me every morning.

Spring is such a time of regeneration, renewal, inspiration, cleansing, re-emerging! And makes for such great metaphors, don’t you think?

After not having the inspiration, or the flow to write much past year, until the other day… the feeling, the lightness of the releasing of stuck words, too, was glorious.

Oh, that flow. With a familiar ease. A craving to express but allowing instead of pushing into it. I can tell you how fresh it felt to have even just a few words “emerge”, as things are shifting again for me around my entire life. Change is in the air, and this is a time of renewal and rebirth.

Have you felt like that, when you were creating? Your new business? A painting? Writing? Dancing? Cooking? Anything, but with that flow of recognition, of a feel-good thing you were doing, a right thing. Stepping up into your power and your purpose.

This is what flowed through me yesterday.


Sometimes I wonder where the words went

That at one time were on free flow

Did I use them up?


On the slow ride through spring

Viewing all that I have become

Wandering from chapter to chapter

Inside and out


Cleansing and releasing

Is more about the re-opening

To allow for more of that free flow

The no holds barred feeling

Of moving into the blossoming, the re-emerging

Or the busting out

Rewriting the script

Dismantling the used up bits, the rusty pieces

From the body to the page


With the fresh eyes of the unfurling fern

Slowing allowing the words to rewrite themselves

From down deep

They are still buried under the dirt

Planting new seeds alongside the seasoned roots

I can feel the new story emerging


Thank you for reading my words, for taking that journey with me. For whatever that inspires within you, as you step into your new story.

Many blessings,

What’s coming up?

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