Want to dance with us?

The Tribal Connection will be reopening June 8th for our third quarter! Woohoo… starting July 1st…

You can join in all the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance goodness… workout, dance technique, and drilling videos, global group calls every month, a private FB page to chat with your dancing sisters! How fun…

I asked if any of the dancers would share what they are loving about this online gathering and WOW!!! I’m so grateful for being able to share this dance this way!

Here is what a few of the dancers said!

Bobbie Smith says: It has been wonderful to receive such inspirational material throughout the months, and be able to dabble in the ideas, tips, techniques and more that our master teachers bring to us. The best part is that I can view them on my own time, over and over! TC is a priceless resource!!

Nina Martinez: I wish I had have had TC when I first started dancing. To have access to so many great teachers and tutorials would have been brilliant. The other aspect is connecting with dancers across the globe, topical discussions and being part of this amazing sisterhood.

Larissa Pretorius: The Tribal Connection lets me connect with dancers all over the world despite living in a rurally isolated location. I love having access to Master Teachers at a fraction of the cost of travelling from my home. Chatting with Paulette and the other teachets and students is wonderful and really helps me to feel part of a wider dance community. I feel am truly part of a global tribe. Thank you.

Abby Sew: An amazing way to connect to you Tribal Roots and meet your Tribal Sisters!

Misha Cain Nell: I love the opportunity to learn from so many great teachers, and the chance to connect directly with the creator of GC herself. It’s particularly awesome because this program shares brand new material that has never been seen before!

Caroline Miller: The TC has been brilliant..relatively new to GC and having the opportunity to interact with dancers worldwide AND teachers is invaluable to my learning. The tips, the clarifications, the inspiration! Always learning…

Allie Joseph: I love TTC! The ability to meet and dance with all the Tribal sisters around the globe and the variety of content and learning is amazing! It’s a great way to enhance your study in the comfort of you home!

Caroline Bury: I teach up to level 2 (in the Highlands of Scotland) and I’m just embarking on teaching beginners workshops to grow my tribe. It really has been wonderful to be a part of TTC, so many different aspects have been shared, from meditation to zill drills. It’s super having a master teacher or 3 in your home dance space! It’s been perfect! Roll on the day I can meet in person and dance spontaneously with any of you!

Christine Haviland: TTC is a great resource for everyone. So many ticks…. study extension at home has to be up there! Regular online connection with each other, numerous really useful and interesting resources from our teachers. Having the opportunity to ask questions, direct lineage to an answer or a video review to a burning question on a move … such valuable resources at our fingertips. As well as the opportunity to study and review lots of different moves, always new ideas as well as the classics, there’s something for everyone. The zoom chat is a highlight a nice way to start the weekend grab a coffee catch up with Paulette and the rest of our GC world I really appreciate the extra effort of the time zone information to enable everyone to be involved!

Deirdre Macdonald: Taking the time to enjoy to participate as well as teaching in the Tribal Connection is great. I’m loving that I am still learning new information and reminding myself of details, and seeing and hearing from the other Master teachers and dancers from all around helps to feel part of the GC tribe.

Celinda Travelstead: I love the Tribal Connection! Each teacher brings a new perspective, wonderful technique instruction, and shares the love of this wonderful dance. It is so much fun to learn from our Sisters around the world, to see their faces and to hear their voices. Such a great connection to our community. Thank you so much, Mama P! ❤️❤️

Kerry Hansen: I love being part of the global community created with Tribal Connection. I teach in a rural area and have a small tribe, so it’s wonderful to have that support and connection from all around the world. I receive constant new ideas to use with my tribe, and encouragement to improve my own skills. I love the zoom chats where we connect with dancers from all around the globe!

How about that for a few testimonials?!!! so much tribal goodness to share!

Ready to join for the next quarter? Registration opens up June 8th, here…

I’d love to see you on the inside!

And while you are at it…:)… I am looking for highly-motivated and excited women dancers to add to our growing list of global Tribal Grooves teachers!

If you are ready to get certified to teach Tribal Grooves, I now offer my training in a short online course, and it starts June 8th for a week. It is a DIY course, although I am present throughout the week to help with your questions. And you only need to send me 2 videos at the end of the week of you dancing some choreography I send you… In this trademarked course, you get business coaching, advice on how to get your classes up and running, our marketing materials to use, plus workout and dance videos, a private group page for the teachers, listing in our global directory, and a full library of choreos already done for you for your first year as a certified Tribal Grooves teacher…how awesome is that?

Register now, here!

Yes, lots of GC tribal goodness to share…

I love that you are part of our tribe!

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