It’s time for you to bust into your season! Stepping up, leaping big, for the dream, the job, for making more money and letting go of your restraints. Unleash your creativity, free your spirit…what is it you’ve been wanting?

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

You’ve been thinking of hiring me to be your coach, and today is the last day I’m offering you my summer special to save you some money and get you happening! (like $300!) woo hoo…

Nothing I love more than seeing my clients achieve their dreams, like starting up their new studio, writing that book, grow their dream business, reach their monthly money goals, get focused all while working less, taking great care of themselves and finding joy and pleasure in life.

That’s what I guide you to do. I see you and I believe in you ! and add in lots of insights, tools, and some tough love! I mix practical with the woo… so you can go deeper into what you are wanting and make it happen.

Because you, beautiful one, are ready, now.

Aren’t you ready to take action, get clarity, and do the thing? Your thing!

Soooo, I’m offering you my one on one coaching services for the summer, that’s three months, at a discount! 

If you are ready to invest in yourself and your dreams, let’s work together and make YOU happen. Allowing yourself to go after what you want is HUGE! And it’s time.

It’s time to get quit with the crazy-making and get focused on your desires to make them happen this time!

and today is the last day to get this saving. You can go here to sign up and get you on your calendar in a BIG way!

Register now!

What you get when you start with me and my Summer Power-Up sessions!

  • Coaching to make those changes — clarity, for letting go of what’s holding you back and steps to power up!
  • Seven 60 minute phone/zoom sessions with me
  • Your M.A.P- Magic Action Plan – a practical home-style method to making your magic happen
  • Movement videos/audios to get you tuned in and turned on
  • And all the hard love you need to make it happen–accountability baby!


And a bonus for you is my

Dance and Desire 4 week online DIY course…

more treats for you to get you inspired, moving, and grooving and leaping big into those dreams!

Register now for your Power-Up Summer Transformation, click here!

I invite you to join me  for the summer for YOU, it’s time!

Love you,

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