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A few weeks ago I spoke at a luncheon for coaches and healers. The subject was Building Business Momentum. It was a packed house and so fun. This is a great topic for me to speak on because I get so passionate about the how’s and why’s of getting into movement and continuing to show up as one goes for your desires. It’s so often what I work with my clients and dancers on, and is so important for everyone, whether it pertains to your business or your life in general — how to keep your momentum!

There’s a reason why my coaching practice is called Movement, Momentum, and Magic!

What is momentum?

It’s that beautiful energy of moving forward, of gathering your energy and going quickly. In physics it refers to the quantity of motion an object has. I like to think of it as you showing up and being in motion! You know that feeling of once you start something you gain momentum and excitement to go faster and get it done!

Taking that first step is often the hardest…

To live lit up in everything you do! To be radiant and alive…

How to begin? Sometimes it is believing in oneself and that our dreams and desires are worthy, sometimes we feel selfish, often we are sluggish about moving forward, and most times we just don’t know what to do first, how to clarify the truest desires, and how to get out of the overwhelm of going after a dream.

Let’s change that…

Teaching and coaching with the tools to get you started, to keep you going, to see the shift that needs to happen is definitely my forte, my niche, in my practice. To see you start to live lit up, to get that shimmer and to light up your own passion and enthusiasm, to get clear on what you are wanting and gaining excitement/momentum…can you feel that in your bones and on your skin?

How do I get this material, these tools, to you if you can’t come see me in person? I want to take these tools and guide you in a class format! So I have been behind the scenes working on a new online course for you! YAASSS!!!

Illumination :: the online course



A New Online Live Course learning Practical Methods with a bit of Woo!

To live lit up, to illuminate your desires, learn and take action steps,

and make revolutionary change happen in your life

Want to read more about it? Go here…

Are you ready to show up in your life and light up your dreams? It’s time to bring your desires to the forefront, get your momentum. Why?

Because you are worth it, your dreams are needed. If not now, when?

I believe in you and your desires.

Ailey Hines, from Move Beyond Words, writes:

Recently I attended a luncheon with Paulette as the featured speaker and, as usual, she got me thinking with the focus on what I can do. I love this about her, she sees possibilities and encourages whoever she talks with to see them, too. Paulette possesses the knack of seeing the big picture possibility and then she breaks that down into actionable steps making that great possibility reachable. Her approach works with any kind of business or personal desire a person would hope to achieve.

I look forward to time I get to spend with Paulette because I know it will be interesting and always fun! (I think her middle name is FUN!)


Future-tripping into being-ness

By Paulette Rees-Denis,

Not to give in to the

Plethora of abundance

The seduction of hedonism

The congratulations of the reward

She invests in herself

Knowing what’s to come

Changing her story to make it easy

Ah, ease…

Changing her words for the support

Not the backlash

With the-but if she does, the I do’s, the judgement calls

Shaking and shivering, trembling

With her deep knowing of what she can have

Of what she desires

Future-tripping into being-ness

Seeing her dreams as the future

Already past

With fury she tosses out the cakes and the bottles and the I don't cares

The I love my body this way’s

To truly go after what she knows

Deep down in her heart…


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