Paulette Rees-Denis announces…

The Tribal Connection

our NEW online membership program for you– dancers, bellydancers, tribal-inspired… join us!


June 9th for July  1st start.


Nina Martinez writes:

I wish I had have had TC when I first started dancing. To have access to so many great teachers and tutorials would have been brilliant. The other aspect is connecting with dancers across the globe, topical discussions and being part of this amazing sisterhood.

We are having so much fun with this gathering of the global tribes! Meeting our dancers from all over, the Master Teachers sharing their expertise, videos, live chats, workouts, technique, and our private group! Powerful, evocative, intimate! So good….

JOIN US in July!

Whether you are just starting dancing or are a seasoned pro, this is all about the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®  philosophies, the moves, the dance, the lifestyle, the community.

The Tribal Connection – meeting some of the Gypsies!

View interviews and introductions on Vimeo, here!

What are the dancers saying about being in the Tribal Connection:

Abby Sew writes: An amazing way to connect to you Tribal Roots and meet your Tribal Sisters!

Misha Cain Nell writes: 

I love the opportunity to learn from so many great teachers, and the chance to connect directly with the creator of GC herself. It’s particularly awesome because this program shares brand new material that has never been seen before!

Bobbie Smith writes:

 It has been wonderful to receive such inspirational material throughout the months, and be able to dabble in the ideas, tips, techniques and more that our master teachers bring to us. The best part is that I can view them on my own time, over and over! TC is a priceless resource!!

Larissa Pretorius says:

The Tribal Connection lets me connect with dancers all over the world despite living in a rurally isolated location. I love having access to Master Teachers at a fraction of the cost of travelling from my home. Chatting with Paulette and the other teachets and students is wonderful and really helps me to feel part of a wider dance community. I feel am truly part of a global tribe. Thank you.

Caroline Miller: The TC has been brilliant..relatively new to GC and having the opportunity to interact with dancers worldwide AND teachers is invaluable to my learning. The tips, the clarifications, the inspiration! Always learning…

Allie Joseph: I love TTC! The ability to meet and dance with all the Tribal sisters around the globe and the variety of content and learning is amazing! It’s a great way to enhance your study in the comfort of you home!

Caroline Bury: I teach up to level 2 (in the Highlands of Scotland) and I’m just embarking on teaching beginners workshops to grow my tribe. It really has been wonderful to be a part of TTC, so many different aspects have been shared, from meditation to zill drills. It’s super having a master teacher or 3 in your home dance space! It’s been perfect! Roll on the day I can meet in person and dance spontaneously with any of you!

Christine Haviland: TTC is a great resource for everyone. So many ticks…. study extension at home has to be up there! Regular online connection with each other, numerous really useful and interesting resources from our teachers. Having the opportunity to ask questions, direct lineage to an answer or a video review to a burning question on a move … such valuable resources at our fingertips. As well as the opportunity to study and review lots of different moves, always new ideas as well as the classics, there’s something for everyone. The zoom chat is a highlight a nice way to start the weekend grab a coffee catch up with Paulette and the rest of our GC world I really appreciate the extra effort of the time zone information to enable everyone to be involved!

Deirdre Macdonald: Taking the time to enjoy to participate as well as teaching in the Tribal Connection is great. I’m loving that I am still learning new information and reminding myself of details, and seeing and hearing from the other Master teachers and dancers from all around helps to feel part of the GC tribe.

Celinda Travelstead: I love the Tribal Connection! Each teacher brings a new perspective, wonderful technique instruction, and shares the love of this wonderful dance. It is so much fun to learn from our Sisters around the world, to see their faces and to hear their voices. Such a great connection to our community. Thank you so much, Mama P! ❤️❤️

Kerry Hansen: I love being part of the global community created with Tribal Connection. I teach in a rural area and have a small tribe, so it’s wonderful to have that support and connection from all around the world. I receive constant new ideas to use with my tribe, and encouragement to improve my own skills. I love the zoom chats where we connect with dancers from all around the globe!

It is a universal dance of connection and belonging… a circle of energy and magic… a creation in process and progress. Empowerment, mind-bending discoveries of self, of blooming, opening, life making sense, moving the body poetic, physical strength and fitness, feminine beauty, of ways of expression through the body, heart, and soul.

We are committed to allowing for the creative expansion, to teaching and sharing, building and growing, with artful creative vision, artistic integrity, abundance, and the body/mind/spirit connection.  To witness the adventures of more cultural dance awareness, both contemporary and ancient. Clinging to what has always made Gypsy Caravan, well…Gypsy Caravan. The blend of old and new, the claiming of feminine beauty and power, the sovereignty of our global circle, honoring those that have come before, sharing a path of vision and artful integrity, appreciation, anticipation, with experimentation and curiosity.

With myself, Paulette Rees-Denis, innovator and creator, and the Master Teachers of GC, and you, we offer a blend of monthly online classes, or drilling sessions, or how-to videos, often talks on different topics like costuming, history, book reviews, Dance and Desire, plus a private FB page for global connection- yes! Meet all your fellow dancers!

And a monthly forum held for all to join in with our certified master teachers — on a live and recorded zoom call (different days and time zones each month to accommodate the global tribe). Always a plethora of assorted delights.

All the things…

Because this is all about our global community. How cool is this?


With videos, technique and drills, emails, zoom chats, and our private FB group to gather in…


Tribal Fan Veils

Intermediate GC review 

Indian fusion

Shimmy queen

Costuming history

Your love of the dance

Cues and communicating in Flow

Skirt tucks and floofs

Your tribal look

Performance Ethics / Professionalism

Body love and awareness

What would YOU like to talk about?

How to make Gypsy Caravan even better, more connected and fun, with the training continuously coming to you! That was the vision, now it is here… Now is time…

Along with myself, Paulette, with Nina Martinez, Deirdre Macdonald, Christine Haviland, Cinzia DiCioccio, Richelle Spencer, Misha Cain Nell, Amanda Richardson, Jamie Sprague, Allie Joseph, Angie Neylan Wimmer, and Sherry Coffey…

We bring you the Tribal Connection!

Only $79.00 quarterly (3 months).

Dancers! You can start now for the July quarter…

Registration deadline is June 28th to get you hooked up and started with us! Register here…

You will be able to join us, either quarterly for  July 1st, or October 1st



Meet more of our teachers!

Misha Cain Nell

Howdy from sunny Sarasota Florida USA!
I’m Master Teacher Misha checking in from my home studio and healing arts center in the land of sandy beaches and shimmering waves. After many years spent as a soloist and a troupe director of Orientale style bellydance, I finally came home to tribal, my first love. Through this gorgeous dance I really have found my Self, it helped unlock my heart, ground me, and give me an entirely new perspective on life and the dance itself. While I still draw on my background rooted in technique and nuance, now my dance is one of creative enchantment. I love creating stories through our movements and formations, bringing different characters alive through our beautiful GC styling. Our dance is an incredible potent magic, and I’m excited to share it with you all. I can’t wait to connect with you to explore our powerful tribal dance and grow our fabulous community.

Nina Martinez
Dance Director, Master Teacher, GCTB troupe member

Nina Martinez is a Master Teacher in the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance format. She has been studying with international dance teacher and founder of GCTB® Paulette Rees Denis since 2006. Nina started her Teacher Training in Melbourne with Paulette in 2006 and has now attained her certification to instruct teachers-MT TT1. She has also reached her accreditation to teach students to Collective Soul 4-MT4.
As a master teacher and performer this dance style has taken her around Australia and  internationally to, NZ, Japan, USA and Mexico. Since 2014 she has been honoured to teach workshops and dance at WAMED, Fremantle, what a fabulous festival to be part of!
Through her workshops and Collective Soul instruction Nina has gained the reputation as a generous, patient teacher with a commitment in creating community and sisterhood. As a performer she is known for her elegant style and goddess presence.
Although Nina’s main dance passion has been GCTB, she has studied and been influenced by many amazing teachers, including, Terezka, Rachel Brice, Amel Tafsout, Carolena Nericcio, Kajira, Colleena and Devi Mamuk. Nina is inspired by the passion of Flamenco, the grace of Indian classical dance, folkloric circles and pagan rituals. She has also been studying drumming for more than 10years.
At home at her rainforest studio the Temple, near Innisfail she is the Director of her troupe Gypsyrain and teaches 3 weekly classes. Every month at the Temple there is a delightful Sunday workshop, a gathering of the tribes, with GC sisters coming from around the surrounding areas.
In 2013 Nina created a GCTB festival in Cairns, Tribal in the Tropics[TTT]. This is a wonderful celebration of dance, women and ritual. Bringing together the format, she also invites women who have other skills to share in the circle. TTT attracts dancers from around Australia and NZ for the workshops and fabulous GCTB performances!

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