So so often, I hear potential clients, women on the verge, wanting desperately for a change, say, “Oh, I have to think about it some more”, or “not sure I can afford it,” or “hopefully next year”… and I’m saying, “People, we are talking about YOU… WTF? What are you waiting for? This is your life we are discussing!”

Are you not worth it? I am in between empathy, totally understanding, and wanting to slap you upside the head, in such a loving way!

Yes, ma’am, it’s hard to start over, sometimes, if you make it hard, and sometimes, it is the most exhilarating thing you can do for yourself. Momentum! To step off the curb, get off that whirlygig, leap into the unknown. I say take a deep breath, listen to your inner heart and soul, and go for it…

What is the worst that can happen if you make some changes? To begin, or begin yet again…seriously…we have a tendency to build things up in our minds, to get overly dramatic, to find lots of excuses, or someone else to blame. Do you know what I mean?

I want nothing more than to live in a world full of creativity, love, passion, and YOU doing what you desire to do, to be. To be a pro dancer, to start your own business, to write your book, to get out of the soul-sucking job, to love going to work everyday, to be in a body that you love, to go home happy after work each day knowing that you have your own sense of freedom, and you are doing what you love. And you are allowing you to live the way you want to live, to make the money that works for you, to do what feeds your soul and your body! To be joyful and feel great. Really!

I want you to do your thing! The universe wants you to step into your light and radiate!

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Here is a poem that may speak to you, turned on to me by Jen Louden…

Begin by Brendan Kennelly

Begin again to the summoning birds

to the sight of the light at the window,

begin to the roar of morning traffic

all along Pembroke Road.

Every beginning is a promise

born in light and dying in dark

determination and exaltation of springtime

flowering the way to work.

Begin to the pageant of queuing girls

the arrogant loneliness of swans in the canal

bridges linking the past and future

old friends passing though with us still.

Begin to the loneliness that cannot end

since it perhaps is what makes us begin,

begin to wonder at unknown faces

at crying birds in the sudden rain

at branches stark in the willing sunlight

at seagulls foraging for bread

at couples sharing a sunny secret

alone together while making good.

Though we live in a world that dreams of ending

that always seems about to give in

something that will not acknowledge conclusion

insists that we forever begin.


So friends, enjoy your week and shine your light!

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