Join me and get Illuminated!

Hey friend,

I want to make sure you know about this new online course I have created for you!  

You are so invited to join us, online, as we gather to get your clarity and support, plus actionable steps to finally get your momentum to build what you have been wanting to go after!

It’s time for your soul check-in, time to listen in, deeply,

to what your heart and soul are asking you for!

This very accessible (inexpensive!) new online class contains what I’ve been teaching my clients for years. These four keys are easy to understand processes and tools for you to use to gain your momentum, get clarity on your priorities, and let go of those beliefs that keep holding you back. Now is your time to step into your vision and abundance (on all levels!), while I guide you to M.A.P. out (make a magic action plan!) and then take the action steps to your creative fulfillment and feel freakin awesome while we do this together!

To live lit up! Illuminated!

How do you want to feel? Think of words that feel lit up — radiance, luminescence, electric, on fire, fireworks, gleam, shine, shimmer, glimmer, glitter, incandescent…what other words come to mind?

Imagine waking up everyday excited and lit up to create your best day ever!

Reflect / Rejuvenate / Rewrite / Reawaken

Because you dear woman, are worth it, your dreams are magic, your passion is for feeling, your love is for sharing, your life is for living full on, your art is for making, your book is for writing, your dance is for sharing, your business is growing, your people are waiting for you!

And I know you are tired of the crap, it’s what I hear from you so often. The waiting until… and just not knowing which way to go and what steps need to happen to step into those desires. From combining simple logistical steps, yes, practical, to the magic of you, as I say as your coach, I combine the practical with a bit of woo! Get that tune-up and take action. Go deep within your self to connect, to listen, share, and be heard, friend! I hear you…

How great to get support and be held accountable, that means you get it done! And join in our gathering online class, to share and listen to others as we inspire each other to move forward with such beautiful and energetic intention. And get it done…

I can envision you now, and I will help you hold your vision to the light and bring it into being.

Join the class now, you have 3 options to work with me with this class…

And did I say I am keeping the price for this super reasonable because I want to reach you and I want you to take action for your dreams! YAASSS!!!!!

Here’s what you’ll get out of our time together: Clarity and Action, plus accountability…

  • 1.Your Reflect and Review Step — what's holding you back and how to release it, what are your old stories and limiting beliefs?
  • 2. Your Rejuvenation Step — how to change your state, connect with, and renew your body/mind/and spirit
  • 3. Your Rewrite Step–change your words and how to re-envision your story and ask for what you want — your dreams and desires
  • 4. Your Re-awaken Step — your possibilities for your future! Yes! Get concrete action steps to build that dream, Make your M.A.P ( Magic Action Plan) and, get your momentum, and be held accountable in making it happen for yourself!

**And here are the three ways you can join in..Which one works best for you?

Option 1. The 4-Week Plan:

Learn one step per week in an hour online conference type gathering (on Zoom), and then have a week for implementation between each call!

20-person limit (yes, you can get the recording if you cannot attend live!)

All 4 weeks at $116

Monday, June 24, 2019, 5:00 pm PST, Monday, July 1, 5:00 pm PST, Monday, July 8, 5:00 pm, Monday, July 15, 5 pm PST

Option 2. The Focused Intensive:

Immerse yourself with Paulette and learn all 4 Steps in 4 hours on one day in an online group setting (on Zoom)

Only $109 per person

Friday, June 28th – 1:00- 5:00 pm (PST)

Or Option 3: The VIP Experience

A special half-day private online session of one on one mentorship and coaching, super focused on YOU and your desires…and let’s make it happen!

$479 (special discounted rate for this one-time event, reduced from $720)

Are you excited? I can’t wait to dive in with you and watch you light up and take action with this fun, and tool-packed course with me.

Click here to sign up for Illumination…

If you have questions, please feel free to message me or sign up for a free Discovery Session phone call with me to see if this is the right thing for you! I’d love to find out what you are wanting! Click here to schedule that phone call…

See you soon!

~~~~~Pamela Johnson, artist, teacher, and client, writes

“Paulette Rees-Denis is a force to be reckoned with. Her message and speaking style are so authentic and true across the board whether she is speaking to a small group of women or a room full of change makers. Wherever she goes she brings her signature style that provokes the listener’s imagination. She is not only an effective communicator; she also lives what she preaches. Paulette is a game changer for her clients and students.”

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