She is one of the creators of Australian Myoni… menstrual cups… how cool is that?

Along with energy healing–access consciousness, pranic healing, and more– add in teaching work, community development, she also decided to apply for a grant, not quite knowing how to proceed with her designs and her dreams, for her business… and got the grant 1 1/2 years ago…

Plus she’s involved in the SheEO movment., supporting other women entrepreneurs! And Sarah is loving co-creating and collaborating with other entrepreneurs…plus she works with educational outreach to share assorted skills… so fun!

She loves cultivating space for silence, with her important daily self-care!

View here… enjoy our conversation! and let us know what you think…

More about Sarah…

I’ve worked within the arts, community and entertainment sectors in Australia and globally. I’ve concurrently trained in various healing modalities and spiritual teachings over the past 8 years. I’ve written for UPLIFT Connect, facilitated meditation and workshops in energetic awareness & I am currently co-directing two profit for purpose companies in Brisbane.


Peace to you my friend, thank you for being here!

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