Are you in your rhythm?

Know how it feels to feel out of sync with yourself? Out of alignment? Not on the right path?

And then you know what it feels like to be in rhythm with your own energy, your own ideas and desires… ah, so good… that flowing energetic momentum!

We all have our own rhythm, that soul beat, the heartbeat, as we move from that lovely tension of finding our beat as we move forward with the right steps, in rhythm with ourselves and our desires…into the ease of that flow, as the tension dissipates into fluidity and deliciousness and often wild momentum…

Know what I mean?

How does it feel to you when you don’t stay in rhythm? Awkward, clumsy, dissatisfied, broke, unhappy, just not freakin right…

There is no movement without rhythm…

I watched this short youtube video and it struck me so, just wow! So true, I could go on and on about this, about being in rhythm…

How did you like that video? Powerful, right?

How right it is when we move to our own drummer, right?

And add in the power of community with connection…It is magic! To co-create. That’s what we do when we gather in my circle to work toward a common goal, to shine our light and Illuminate our paths together.  Powerful stuff, friend! You ready?

How wrong it feels when we try to fit into a place that is not right for us…old cliche of being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole…  you feel different, creative in a way that feels so good, with a desire to bloom into your own uniqueness, your powerful visions you’ve had that you want more of, not just in visions, but to make real!

We are here to live full-on in life, to feel and create and experience and experiment with our desires, to bring our own uniqueness to the world. Like Elizabeth Gilberts says, she is here for all of it and to be totally in life, all in! Right? We are here to stand tall, to take up space, to honor our uniqueness, to fly our freak flag, to bring into fruition what we’ve only dreamed until now and to listen to the beat of our heart, while we create abundance for ourselves….

To dance through life, to move forward, to stay on the beat, sway with our own rhythm, alone or in community… stronger in a group, for so many reasons…to be inspired, to inspire, to stay connected, to be held accountable, to feel the magic of group energy, to be uplifted, to gain momentum… oh, it is so good… to feel the power of yourself and to feel supported and seen…

That’s what it is like in my classes, whether virtual or in person, to listen and to also be seen. Gathering with a like-minded tribe, out to create change for themselves and the world!

And now you can have that experience for yourself and gather together with all that you have been wanting to do! Illumination, the online course!

I was delighted to be a guest on a video TV show the other day, Oracle Live TV, with Lia Dunlap, and we talked much about Tribe, community and honoring the delicious uniqueness of each of us, and how we are all necessary and needed in one big circle of life. Inclusivity…( Check out the interview here…)

That is what I do, in my work as a coach, and now, in my new course…


A New Online Live Course learning Practical Methods with a bit of Woo!

To live lit up, to illuminate your desires, learn and take action steps, and make revolutionary change happen in your life

To light you up, to hear your rhythm, your soul and heartbeat, to see your beauty and uniqueness, and help you to shine, love! That’s what I do for you. Mixing real practical steps, with a bit of woo, so that you can find your inner soul, your connection with spirit and self. And Make. It. Happen!

Do what you are meant to do, to move forward with excitement, anticipation, adventure, in rhythm with yourself and your dreams…

What is it you are desiring to move into, to step up into, to change? What old stories are you ready to release? What’s holding you back?

What would it be like if you worked for yourself? If you made more money? If you moved to a new location? If you lost 40 pounds? If you published that book? Opened your own studio? Met the love of your life? What all is possible for you? I am here to guide you to that place, now…

Do you hear it, friend? Do you hear your own rhythm? Are you ready to step it up, into the light? Creating and envisioning is your sweet spot! To illuminate yourself and go after what you are wanting, bring those dreams and visions into fruition and abundance and feel so good about why you are here…

Every step we take is rhythm. Our rhythm. If we are on the right path. Keep it alive, keep your vision alive and bring it to life, now. What are you waiting for? Taking care of yourself, first, your dreams, so that you can share them, give others the opportunity to witness and share and be inspired by all you have to offer, and gather the abundance due to you as you shine your light!

Let’s get you on the right path, and let it flow and prosper in a beautiful unfolding. Now is YOUR time, friend…

In connection and community we unveil the truth that you have to share. Let’s co-create together in this virtual community and online course, as we show up and find the steps you need, your rhythm, the clarity you desire, and creations  you want to birth, from self-love practices to the rewriting of your story, with the deep connections within, and the outer possibilities, add the real action steps to get things done, and with delicious freedom and abundance, finally.

Finally… you, friend, I want so much for you to step into your light, Shine on and Illuminate!

Join us for Illumination… you have 3 options to choose from to join me and our intimate circle of support and inspired action!

Because one-size does not fit all, I’ve created 3 options for you to choose from – same info, your choice of delivery:

Option 1. The 4-Week Plan:

Learn one step per week in an hour online conference type gathering (on Zoom) with Paulette, and then have a week for implementation between each call!

20-person limit (yes, you can get the recording if you cannot attend live!)

All  4 weeks at $116

Monday, June 24, 2019, 5:00 pm PST,  Monday, July 1, 5:00 pm PST, Monday July 8, 5:00 pm, Monday, July 15, 5 pm PST


Option 2. The Focused Intensive:

Immerse yourself with Paulette and learn all 4 Steps in 4 hours on one day in an online group setting (on Zoom)

$109 per person

Friday, June 28th – 1:00- 5:00 pm (PST)


Or Option 3: The VIP Experience

A special half-day private session of one on one mentorship and coaching with Paulette, super focused on YOU and your desires

$479 (special discounted rate for this one-time event, reduced from $720)

What all is possible for you?

Register here now to hold your spot…

This very accessible (inexpensive!) new online class contains what I’ve been teaching my clients for years. These four keys are easy to understand processes and tools for you to use to gain your momentum, get clarity on your priorities, and let go of those beliefs that keep holding you back. Now is your time to step into your vision and abundance (on all levels!), while I guide you to M.A.P. out (make a magic action plan!) and then take the action steps to your creative fulfillment and feel freakin awesome while we do this together!

To live lit up! Illuminated!

Click here to sign up for Illumination…

If you have questions, please feel free to message me or sign up for a free Discovery Session phone call with me to see if this is the right thing for you! I’d love to find out what you are wanting! Click here to schedule that phone call…

See you soon!

~~~~~Pamela Johnson, artist, teacher, and client, writes

“Paulette Rees-Denis is a force to be reckoned with. Her message and speaking style are so authentic and true across the board whether she is speaking to a small group of women or a room full of change makers. Wherever she goes she brings her signature style that provokes the listener’s imagination. She is not only an effective communicator; she also lives what she preaches. Paulette is a game changer for her clients and students.”

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