Are you downsizing or rightsizing?

I read this term, rightsizing, the other day and freakin love it! Isn’t that a great way to say, I’m making everything I have important and I love it all, or I don’t want it in my life, my home, my business, etc…

I’ve been doing this for years, moving to a smaller house, and now moving out of state, I continue to sell, donate, or gift some of my once precious items as I pack and sort. My lifestyle continues to evolve and change, as does my business. I often call myself a chameleon, as I love growth and opportunities.

I am a possibilitarian!

I find new ways to work more efficiently, with greater passion and momentum, as I continue to grow my toolbox of coaching knowledge for my clients and take inspired action to thrive and live full on. I have what feels great to me, surrounded by people and places and things that rock my world and uplift me, so that I too, can uplift those I touch, work with, and love!

That’s why I’m so excited to offer this new masterclass…

Illumination, 4 Ways to Actually Start Making

Your Biz and Life Dreams Come True!

THIS Friday, 1-5 pm, PST, on online, on Zoom…

To live lit up!

Let’s rightsize your life and your business! Whether you are a new business owner, dreaming of starting your own biz, or have been in biz for years, or you are wanting to grow deeper into your life and dreams with clarity and momentum… this is the course for you. Easy, actionable steps for you to gain clarity in your visions, connect deeper with yourself, establish some daily routines, learn a power walk and some priming exercises, journal with questions about what you are desiring, learn how to prioritize and make a Magic Action Plan!

Reflect / Rejuvenate / Rewrite / Reawaken

Become a possibilitarian!

Here’s what you’ll get out of our time together:

  • 1.Your Reflect and Review Step — what’s holding you back and how to release it, what are your old stories and limiting beliefs?
  • 2. Your Rejuvenation Step — how to change your state, connect with, and renew your body/mind/and spirit
  • 3. Your Rewrite Step–change your words and how to re-envision your story and ask for what you want — your dreams and desires
  • 4. Your Re-awaken Step — your possibilities for your future! Yes! Get concrete action steps to build that dream, Make your M.A.P ( Magic Action Plan) and, get your momentum, and be held accountable in making it happen for yourself!

And all for a really great price! Because I want to give you these tools and help you move forward with beautiful intention and momentum!

Because one-size does not fit all, there are 2 options for you to choose from 

Option 1. The Focused Intensive:

Immerse yourself with Paulette and learn all 4 Steps in 4 hours on one day in an online group setting (on Zoom)

$109 per person

Or Option 2. The VIP Experience

A special half-day private session of one on one mentorship and coaching,

super focused on YOU and

$479 (special discounted rate for this one-time offer)

Register now to hold your spot in our intimate circle for this Friday!

What all is possible for you? Let’s rightsize your desires and make them happen…

Join me and register now!

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