Hello there!

The other day I was asked a great question, and I”ve been thinking about it and writing about it ever since. You may have seen some of this thread on social media! Now I want to ask you the same question.

If you could have a whole day of FUN, money or time or proximity weren’t’ issues…what would you do?

What do you desire? What would reach down deep and thrill you?

Sounds like an easy question to answer, right? Or does it stop you dead in your tracks?

What is fun to me? What do I do for pleasure? What would I do if I could do anything?

Sure, everyday moments light me up. I love playing with my dogs, they bring me so much joy! I love to cook and eat. I love to work my body. I work. I love to hang out with my man, and my friends. Those things are everyday occurrences for me, and that is a fantastic thing. I am quite happy. But, what would I go do for fun? And what brings me pleasure? Almost like the bucket list question.

Coming from the type A workaholic that I have been in the past, that I did not know how to hand out and have fun. Sure my work is fun, and I make my work fun, but I was always working. I’d get antsy “just” sitting around with friends. Relaxing. Unheard of. Building my businesses, managing everyone else’s stuff, always prepping for the gigs and the classes and the travel. Dance had become my work and my pleasure, my fun, my sex, my creations. My whole world.

Burning out, and losing touch, I have made changes, often drastic changes, to switch gears. I have realized more and more, over the years, that I was getting better at hanging out, chillin’, and saying no. And I am enjoying that time now.

But still, I lost some of my hobbies that I loved, like canoing, or riding roller coasters, or….and what do I love to do for fun and pleasure?

How about you? Is that easy or hard for you to answer? Do you have to think about it, or do you go right for it! Do you do it? Or think about maybe next year?

Is your work fun? If so, why? If not, why not? And can you make it more fun?

How about this?

If you are having more fun, won’t your work become more fun too? You feel clearer and have more passion. If you are feeling good, you have an attitude shift, you have a new perspective, or a fresh look… your body tingles with new energy, you are wearing a smile and laughing more, you put on super fun and sexy clothes. You make more love. You eat better and love every bite. You are more present and aware. You are powered up and can bring what you want to you.

And you can make everyday magic!

That’s what I’m talking about, friend!

Take a few and ponder the question. Grab your journal and make a list of what you love to do, what you are doing, and what you aren’t doing for fun and pleasure. More than self-care, FUN! And I'm still thinking about it too…

So do one FUN thing today, and every day this week…

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Have a splendid rest of your week!

If you know someone who would enjoy these conversations, please share! I love to grow our tribe of awesome! Thank you…

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