Hello my friend!

Imagine waking up every day and being excited to put your feet on the floor! To have an internal incentive and enthusiasm that carries you through your day! Imagine having a deep powerful connection that motivates and inspires you, one that gives you a profound sense of belonging. One that brings awareness to your actions, and informs your decisions.

That experience is a deeply alive connection with Yourself, which can be discovered and then cultivated in multiple ways.

There are many things that I love about the work I do every day, and one of those things is the opportunity to meet new people, and then, share them with you through my video podcast series — Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, or any of the other teaching, writing and lecture venues I bring to you! Recently I had a conversation with a kindred spirit, Penny Collins,and she has invited me to join her online series. Woo hoo, so excited!

It’s called the Connected Soul Series: Creating Fulfillment Balance and Joy from the Inside Out.

Penny has gathered experts from around the globe to share their unique wisdom on creating meaningful connections firstly with oneself and then to the community around them.

I resonate with this series because, well, you know how I am always talking about connection, and growing our global connections, as well, as firstly, being connected to oneself!

Penny created this series for all of us for have ever longed for more, even when we were not sure what “more” might look like.

By bringing awareness to the areas where connection is missing in our lives,  we will have the opportunity to engage with all these experts who will bring their wisdom around connection, but also their unique approach for creating a life of joy, fulfillment and soulful connections.

How cool is this? And now honored am I?

I so love collaboration and co-creating. I am excited to be a part of this group that has come together to share each of our callings to be of service and inspire others to live their purposeful, authentic lives.

You are invited! Because I want you to join us, you will experience connection through the lives of gifted experts who will share their wisdom and their journey with you.

Over 21 days you will discover how to:

  • Unmask, so YOU can be your true authentic self.
  • Turn the ordinary extraordinary, creating magic in the moment.
  • Use a profound connection with nature to rekindle your wild soul.
  • Listen to your emotions, to have access to the wisdom within yourself.
  • Connect with your unique gifts to bring more heart and soul in your work.

What would that connection look like for you?

This Free Online series will bring you short 30 minute interviews each day as well as a free gift from each expert. You will also receive practical tips and insight to discover how to create a richer deeper experience in your everyday life.

Check it out my friends! I’m sure you will enjoy it… see you soon!

and have a blessed weekend… we’ve talked a lot about pleasure and fun this week so … enjoy and blessings….


Paulette Rees-Denis


Please share this with your friends and co-workers, and whoever would love to join us… let’s grow the tribe and grow more full into our lives!

love you…


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