Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,

with Paulette Rees-Denis, Episode #70

and guest Author and Artist, Kim Roberts

Don’t give up! Kim says, after working for many years to get her book published… she is a life-change guide!

Inspired conversation Kim and I had, we talk about publishing her book, making her art, getting new clients. Believing in yourself and getting the momentum for creating the journey. What the word entrepreneur means, Kim talks about being an artist who wants to share her work… so getting help to build and maintain her business is essential so she can do her work.

Her book, Toward A Secret Sky: Creating Your Own Modern Pilgrimage was written as she was starting to go through a mid-life crisis and life healing journeys.

How do we sell our work? Our art? Our teachings? How do we market ourselves and think about selling… whoa… good stuff here, friends!

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**Kim has a gift for all my viewers and listeners…

Beat Anxiety Now a quick and comprehensive course with all the tools, tips, practices you need to effectively manage anxiety and other difficult emotions– so that they no longer manage you.

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More about Kim:

Kim Roberts earned an M.A. in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and was authorized as an Ashtanga yoga teacher, teaching internationally for over 25 years. She offers individual counseling and programs to develop creative practices for sound mental health. She’s also an artist. Her new book, Toward A Secret Sky: A Guide To The Art Of Pilgrimage, shares tools to negotiate life transitions, find inner peace, and deal with surly rickshaw drivers. See KimRoberts.Co for more info.


Friends! Enjoy and think about all this juiciness and let us know what you think… love to know how these episodes affect you and your work!

Thanks for being here, with so much gratitude to be able to share this work with you… have a great week…

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