Hello and happy weekend, friend!

The past few weeks have been intense and crazy, full of fun and family, and also selling homes, packing, sorting, sifting, organizing and LOTS of letting go, both emotionally and materially. A huge transition for my wee little family of man and dogs…plus all the paperwork and inspections and waiting and anticipating, and getting super excited, then emotional, the delighted,and then impatient. You know, all the feels!

And in so doing, I’ve been sorting through lots of history. Now, last time I moved I shared with you about downsizing (yet again!) I threw out/recycled much of my history, like journals and old photo albums, even old Gypsy Caravan stuff. It was a beautiful thing. Felt so good to lighten up, to let go, to not be weighed down, to not have lots of extraneous boxes, or furniture, or even artwork and books. I’ve always been a very visual person, artist, photographer, dancer (let’s talk a room full of costumes and jewelry!) I found a lot of the past did not have the same meaning for me it once had. Nothing wrong or bad, just I was evolving and growing and changing like I always have done. I am in constant search of inspiration and growth, hungry for more. But that more is a different kind of more for me than it once was.

I notice now how a blank wall can satisfy me, as I reflect in, and see outside differently, whereas before my rooms were covered in color and artwork, adorned, like my body of tattoos and costumes (I still collect tattoos, of course:), and now my clothing is of a different breed, as I have retired from performing. I spend more time guiding and coaching, writing and playing, teaching and working out, a different kind of fun and pleasure and work as I season. And so loving it! And bringing experience and wisdom and joy to you, as an expert lifestyle coach and a raging sage! ( My new moniker! The Raging Sage!)

Aging is delicious, and we women ( not just girls!) want to have more fun, and allow ourselves to experience all life as to offer us, as we have so much to offer too! Changing careers mid or late stream, continuing on with what does delight and feed us, also finding delight in different ways and avenues of life, receiving the opportunities, and expanding into even more awareness, health, wealth, connection, significance, and love! Being that possibilitarian!

‘I want to be the one to walk in the sun

Oh girls, they wanna have fun’

Thank you Cyndi Lauper, still… sing here

So this next week, I am inspired to invite you women to join me for a fun 5 day challenge, my Lighten-Up Challenge!

Starting next Monday, in my Dance With Desire group, Join us in our private women’s group, Dance With Desire, and let’s get started to Lighten Up our life, and our home! Sooooo good, my friends. easy and doable, too… this one is not super hardcore but a great place to start as we look around our home, our office, and ourselves!

It’s time to take a look/see around us, what we do surround ourselves with, what have we been hanging onto, or forgetting that we even had in the drawer! Oh yeah, I’ve got a few of those things!

How does this sound to you? Lighthearted and easy stuff, friends, this is what we’ll start with next week, but I want you to look around and lighten up your load, your life. Open yourself up to receive what is waiting for you when you make room for it, too…

Plus, let’s support each other on this sweet journey! Link below to join our group!

Here is the link to join our group, Dance With Desire ( no you don’t have to be a dancer!) Although it’s good to ask yourself how you dance through life 🙂

Click the logo below to join our private group and join the challenge, plus get lots more in our group of over 600 women, daily bits of inspiration, conversation, music and dance breaks, and more to come!

Thanks for being here, and the Challenge starts Monday, so click and join us, happy to have you as part of our growing tribe!

Blessings and enjoy your weekend!

Make sure to pass this on to your girlfriends to join you, the more the merrier, and hold each other accountable too!

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